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Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy – strategic intervention and business planning to accelerate growth

We work closely with corporates across the energy landscape to help them develop, implement and monitor strategic intervention and business planning to accelerate growth and achieve their aims.

Our sector focus allows us to understand and progress strategic projects efficiently, offering fresh insight with a time and cost advantage.

Market Outlook

Sizing and projections of target markets on a country level as well a review of trends for key underlying drivers and indicators of demand.

Commercial Positioning

Understanding enablers and disrupters from a competitive landscape, customers, suppliers, route to market and technology.

DNA Assessment

Identifying the core attributes of a business that are critical to its success as well as isolating internal and external inhibitors to growth.

Business as Usual Diagnosis

Assessment of the primary strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to business as well as mapping out revenue and EBITDA projections based on current operations.

Performance Benchmarking

Peer analysis of business indicators such as pricing, cost/overhead, profitability, efficiency to help clients understand how they rank in the competitive landscape and identify best practice.

Growth Initiatives

Identification of initiatives to grow revenues or improve profitability based on a detailed understanding of the client’s “DNA” or through data and field economics, E&A prospects, and identify Initiatives that can range from restructuring, vertical integration, or regional expansion to M&A.

Implementation Strategy

Recommendations for growth initiatives and tangible steps towards implementation such as re-organisation, acquisition scouting or new product/service lines.

Business Planning

Incorporation of market, commercial and strategic recommendations to develop a detailed business plan outlining short, mid and long-term milestones, and KPIs to outline and monitor performance targets.

E&P Advisory

A&D service offering, E&P asset appraisal including technical, portfolio review, asset valuation and hub analysis, infrastructure throughput analysis, E&A targeting and prospectivity.

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