Westwood Energy Group

Incubating Growth

Incubating Growth – expertise and counsel to bolster long-term growth plans

Providing insight and recommendations to government agencies and industry bodies to assist their long-term growth plans for regional energy-related investment, strategy, and business support.

Market Workshops

Seminars designed to educate on the energy sector and identify opportunities for development.

Long-Term Energy Trends

Understanding the big picture and trends in macro-economic fundamentals to assist in long-term decision making for regional investment and positioning.

Regional Hub Benchmarking

Understanding what makes leading energy hubs attractive to investors and corporates to evaluate local capability, competitiveness and gaps for future development.

Industry Roadmap

Building a business plan focused on the development of regional hubs and centres of expertise to attract investment and incubate local capability.

Project Finance

Market and commercial assessment plus leading indicators to support investment in major energy infrastructure, such as LNG import terminals.

SME Stimulation

Strategic evaluation of local SME capability across the energy value chain to understand current agglomerations and investment needs.

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