Westwood Energy Group

Risk Management

Value Identification – supporting investment banking and institutions to identify and manage risk

We support institutional and investment banking clients by identifying value and understanding risk across the global energy industry.  We can help you with tailored presentations on specific market and commercial trends for institutional investors and their clients.

Equity Research

Sector reports covering monthly/quarterly performance as well as key underlying market drivers, performance evaluation and contract information for listed corporates and their peers in the energy chain.

Asset Valuation

Fair market value and discounted cash flow valuations of critical energy assets, for example, rigs, vessels, helicopters, plus E&P assets, E&A opportunities using our proprietary data and market/pricing projections.

Portfolio Evaluation

Critical assessment of current investments to understand future business performance and key market and commercial stress points.

Vendor Due-Diligence

Custom industry reports covering the current positioning and underlying market outlook to support the sell-side or divestment process of energy-related corporates.

Refinancing Support

Market reports supporting external finance raising such as, bond issues from third parties.

IPO Support

Working with underwriters to support the IPO process of energy-related corporates. Our services include independent market reports (IMRs) for industry prospectuses.

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