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At Westwood, we deliver essential industry research that is insightful, reliable, credible, relevant, and independent. Our research spans the global oil and gas exploration and production sector, and the supply chain, plus the offshore wind sector and is backed by a 20-year track record.

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Ten Lessons from a
Decade of Exploration

International conventional exploration over the last decade has been a rollercoaster ride.

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Ten Lessons from a
Decade of Exploration

International conventional exploration over the last decade has been a rollercoaster ride.

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  • World Oilfield Equipment Market Forecast 2018-2022

    Westwood’s World Oilfield Equipment Market Forecast, now covering 2013-2022, shows a continuation of recent improvements in the oilfield equipment sector, with global expenditure expected to total $636bn over the forecast period.

  • Subsea Cable Tracker 2018-2022

    The Subsea Cable Tracker provides a unique view of vessel installation day demand and a breakdown of component type by region as well as considering global drivers and outlook. The twice-a-year report is also provided with project listings for oil & gas, offshore wind and high and medium voltage interconnectors in addition to vessel listings.

  • World Offshore Wind Market Forecast 2018-2027

    Westwood’s report features an in-depth Capex analysis, including component breakdown and country-specific commentary, reflecting on announced renewables obligations. Tracking the industry on a project by project basis, Westwood offers a comprehensive view on the significant opportunities for the wind supply chain over the next decade. Given the increased focus on renewables, the industry will continue to attract investment from utilities and large engineering and service contractors, as well as upstream oil and gas companies.

  • World Drilling & Well Services Market Forecast 2018-2022 Q1

    Westwood Global Energy Group’s World Drilling & Well Services Market Forecast – previously known as the World Oilfield Services Market Forecast – presents the latest view on prospects for one of the largest areas of total oilfield services expenditure.

  • World Floating Production Systems Tracker 2018

    The World Floating Production Systems Tracker analyses the factors influencing the global floating production market and utilises extensive industry consultation to provide detailed insight on demand and supply. Now in its 16th edition, the report is supported by analysis, insight and industry consultation.

  • World Deepwater Market Forecast 2018-2022

    Westwood expects global deepwater expenditure over 2018-2022 to total $136.8bn – a 4% decline compared to the 2013-2017 period. In 2017 we have seen an upturn in orders that is expected to extend into 2018, improving the outlook for installation spend throughout the remainder of the forecast period.

  • Upstream Investment Outlook 2018

    Westwood has launched the Upstream Investment Outlook to provide its independent view on the current, and future, state of the upstream oil & gas market – in order to educate investors and guide businesses through the coming months and years.

  • World Drilling & Production Market Forecast 2018-2024 Q2

    Based on detailed models, the report examines each country in turn and includes a summary of hydrocarbon potential and sensitised production outlook, with associated development drilling requirements segmented into oil & gas for the onshore sector and shallow vs. deep water depths for the offshore sector. Country-by-country exploration and appraisal (E&A) drilling forecasts for both the onshore and offshore sectors are also detailed.

  • US Drilling & Completion Market Forecast Q1 2018

    Examining six of the key US unconventional basins and drawing from extensive data and expertise from Westwood’s latest acquisition, Energent Group, the US Drilling & Completion Market Forecast is an invaluable guide to the future prospects for one of the hottest areas of global activity at present.