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A new screening and analysis data tool giving the industry first-time open access to our UKCS upstream dataset

Accessed via an ultra-modern and fully flexible online platform, Analytics gives the user a deeper understanding of exploration, business development and commercial opportunities on the shelf.  With a near-unlimited range of options to view and interrogate our trusted proprietary data, Analytics provides a concise picture of trends at field, basin and corporate level.  Users can also create customised screening to identify potential acquisition opportunities and investigate peer-group performance and their strategies.

Benefits of Analytics

  • Measure performance – Analyse the industry’s exploration and appraisal performance, and compare E&A activity at a geographical and corporate level
  • Identify and rank opportunities – Probe and evaluate near-field opportunities using our Discovery & Prospect datasets, and gain insight on the full potential of an asset, company portfolio, or acquisition target
  • Shape and refine strategic plans – Screen potential acquisition targets; run peer-group comparisons; and test commercial strategies
  • Labour-saving research through instant analysis – Easy-to-use tool, tailored to your reporting needs, makes data analysis and management reporting highly efficient

Features of Analytics

  • Full access to our extensive UKCS data – Includes the respected Prospect and Discovery dataset as standard
  • Modern online platform – Comprehensive data visualisations provided through tables, charts and an integrated map interface.  These elements are fully extractable and can be used in desktop applications
  • Quick & intuitive – Rapid one-click access to all the data you need via regularly updated ‘Analyst Dashboards’ and ‘Quickboards’
  • Atlas connectivity – For Atlas clients, Analytics gives seamless product-to-product integration
  • Expert support available to you – Full access to our experienced analyst team


Use Analytics to quickly explore our extensive UKCS upstream proprietary dataset to screen business development opportunities, run commercial comparisons, and analyse E&A activity to identify trends at a field, basin and corporate level.

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