Offshore Support Journal Conference, Middle East

November 9, 2020 - November 10, 2020

Our OSJME Virtual Conference will bring together regional and international players in the OSV sector, providing a unique online platform to review opportunities, address challenges and knowledge share to ensure you and your company are positioned for sustainability and future growth.

Despite regional oil and gas companies redefining their E&P strategies in light of recent global events, there will still be a number of major upcoming offshore projects in the ME that will bring commercial opportunities for the equipment and services sector, including the OSV industry.

Take this opportunity to get the latest information to help position your company for survival in these challenging times. Align your business strategies with current market requirements and identify the opportunities present in today’s challenging offshore and OSV sector.


Westwood’s Head of Offshore, Thom Payne, will be presenting on Day One, Session 1, giving an overview of the Global OSV Market.

View the agenda and book tickets, here.