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An integrated business intelligence service comprising a comprehensive global database of high impact exploration wells, easy-to-use analytical tools and expert research reports that together provide a window into global exploration industry performance.

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A comprehensive and detailed insight into the North-West Europe upstream market, updated daily.

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US unconventional well life-cycle and frac market intelligence service

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Access a world-class database and data management toolset with thousands of individual data points covering the global fleet.

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A unique service specifically for the identification and assessment of global subsea fields plus their associated equipment activity and expenditure.

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Global fixed and floating production facilities with data on 13,000+ units. Explore the installed base of fixed platforms or track the current and future FPS deployments.

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The leading source of onshore rig market intelligence, Global Land Rigs provides data and insight across the global onshore drilling fleet.

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A highly intuitive market intelligence tool covering the global offshore wind sector.

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