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We provide market intelligence on the Hydrogen and Power to X market and projects in Northwest Europe. In a rapidly changing marketplace, we enable clients to gain clarity of market and project activity, connect the dots and transact on opportunities.

In Northwest Europe we focus on project capacities, technologies, partnerships, investments, and timelines, as well as the interconnections and synergies between projects. This including associated oil and gas, CCS and renewable energy projects – as well as the target sectors for the hydrogen and power to X commodities.

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Hydrogen Advisory

Drawing on our sector knowledge, our advisory services cater to both corporate strategy and transaction support. We offer a range of solutions from bespoke market sizing & forecasts to assessing the competitive landscape, procurement dynamics / route to market, peer group benchmarking, business planning and commercial due-diligence in relation to M&A, financing situations.

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Hydrogen Solutions

Our solutions provide data and analytics to allow clients to track Hydrogen and Power to X activity, analyse trends and identify commercial opportunities.

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It was clear that at a certain moment we need to introduce hydrogen in one or the other way… it’s a very alluring thing.

Thomas Boermans
Head of Foresight at E.ON
ET Now Podcast Ep.23

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