Climate and Emissions

Benchmark emissions performance, understand emissions drivers, assess emissions reduction options and understand the role of carbon markets

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We provide insight on emissions in the oil and gas upstream and the associated supply chain. Enhancing transparency in the market and supporting businesses who are decarbonising their operations.

Dedicated emissions analysts work closely with sector specialists to develop unique methodologies and insights. We forecast emissions in the Northwest European Upstream Sector and assess the commercial impact of carbon charges. We help clients keep track of the emission reduction activities in upstream, in the rig industry and wider supply chain.

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Climate and Emissions

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Climate & Emissions Advisory

We offer a range of advisory services to clients that build on our subscription and data-led solutions. Examples of our services include: emissions assessment and benchmarking, valuations (carbon impact analysis), emission reduction technology analysis (e.g. upstream electrification, floating Offshore Wind).

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Climate & Emissions

Our solutions provide transparency, trend analysis and enable benchmarking of emissions in the upstream oil and gas, and associated supply chain. We track and analyse technologies and operations helping to reduce emissions.

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The Earth has warmed about 1.2 degrees centigrade since the late 1800s. And most of that warming about one degree of it actually has happened in the last 50 or 60 years.

Zeke Hausfather
Climate Research Lead, Stripe
ET Now Podcast Ep.22

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