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We provide comprehensive data on subsea production equipment, SURF and subsea pipelines in both aging and developing fields around the world, helping customers track and understand global subsea activities and the impact it has on their own business.

Our information on active tenders and contract awards, covering a five-year time frame, giving customers vital intelligence on global subsea engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) activities, including planned installation campaigns and decommissioning. We complement this data with insight and commentary on local content requirements, supply-chain dynamics, fabrication issues and local regulations to give a comprehensive picture of the sector. As a result, our customers can prioritise their resources and lock-in contracts at the optimal time.

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Subsea Commercial Advisory

Drawing on our sector knowledge, we offer a range of advisory services. Our corporate strategy and transaction support includes: assessment of underlying market drivers, competitor analysis, procurement-related commercial dynamics, individual business plans, and growth avenues. We also conduct peer-group benchmarking, and provide indicative asset valuations.

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Subsea Solutions

Our subsea intelligence platforms cover equipment and service requirements for all existing and to-be developed subsea oil & gas fields and carbon, capture and storage (CCS) projects including subsea trees, SURF, pipelines and ROV activities, enabling clients to track sector activity and upcoming market opportunities.

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