We focus on areas of the oil and gas industry where we add real value. That means we can identify market trends, develop unique insights, produce targeted solutions, and provide reliable forecasts that help our clients improve their business.

We offer in-depth technical data and commercial analysis on global exploration and production; unique intelligence on the global rig fleet; superior intelligence on unconventional supply chains in North America; and a comprehensive array of commercial and technical intelligence for oilfield service operators, contractors and investors. Bringing these solutions together also allows us to develop new, joined-up intelligence that was previously hidden.

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Exploration & Production

Westwood Global Energy Group provides in-depth upstream technical data and commercial analysis for the global E&A and Northwest European E&P sectors, giving operators actionable insight into current and likely future industry conditions in the oil and gas sector.

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Offshore Energy Services

Against a rapidly transitioning landscape, our Offshore Energy Services division provides detailed and holistic coverage of the supply-chain from rigs and production facilities to subsea, marine and renewables.

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Onshore Energy Services

Our unique global coverage of the energy value chain provides data-driven views for energy service, supply, and infrastructure clients to enter new markets, adjust commercial direction, and inform strategic decisions.

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News & Insights


Weekly Global Offshore Rig Counts

Weekly global offshore rig counts for jackup and floating rigs.

Brazil Offshore Rig Counts

A monthly updated list of offshore rigs and their status in Brazil.

The emerging Orange Basin oil province in Namibia – a new global hot spot for exploration

Two significant oil discoveries announced by Shell and TotalEnergies in February 2022 have opened multiple new oil plays offshore Namibia. The excitement is understandable, but how significant could the breakthrough prove to be and what challenges need to be overcome to realise the potential?

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