About Us

We are home to some of the most respected solutions in energy market research and intelligence. We provide the actionable insight that businesses, industry bodies and investors need to answer their strategic, technical and commercial questions – time and time again.

We provide subscription-based data services, bespoke reporting, and commercial advice to clients in upstream operations, onshore energy services, including North American unconventionals, and offshore energy services. Independent, flexible and adaptable, we are committed to excellence in our data and analysis and turning energy market research into easily-integrated, workflow-ready insights. That’s why we are trusted advisors to forward-thinking clients around the world.

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Our Approach

We choose to focus on areas of the industry traditionally underserved by other players. We dig deeper, reach further, and join up data in new ways to create instantly actionable insights. And because we have the size, scale and creativity to adapt to changing conditions, we can offer the right solutions without ever compromising on quality.

Our leadership

Our values

As trusted providers of energy market intelligence, the importance of independence, credibility and reliability is key. Our quality of data is the primary driver of value to clients, but we understand the need to remain relevant in the changing energy landscape and our adaptability allows Westwood to do this. By focusing on areas where we add real value, we opt for depth of insight over breadth of coverage. We remain flexible and adaptable to the needs of our clients.

“From our people and our analysis, to our data and our techniques, quality, relevance and value are the threads running through every aspect of our business.”

Dominic FerryChief Executive Officer

Our history

As a group, we draw on an extensive legacy of serving clients in the energy sector.

Our people

In our business, people make the difference.

From subscription research and bespoke publications, to unique consultancy projects, we can insist on the same high standards every single time because of the quality, experience and knowledge of our people.


Company news

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