Explaining voluntary carbon offsets

The idea behind voluntary offsets is simple: if your activities lead to the release of X tonnes of greenhouse gases a year, then you pay to offset an equivalent amount.

Mainland China Floating Wind Focus

An estimated 467MW of floating wind capacity is anticipated to be operational by 2026 in Mainland (ML.) China with the first turbine commissioned in 2021. ML. China currently ranks fifth globally in terms of installed capacity and this could speed up…

Westwood Insight – UK CfD Auction: 7 GW supported, but price drop slows

The UK’s Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme has played a key role in developing the country’s offshore wind industry – 65% of operational and EPCI capacity is now supported by a CfD. Industry experts were closely following the results of the fourth CfD auction; would the scheme remain as popular as in previous years?

Global Subsea Tree Tracker

Each month, Westwood's subsea team provides a global update on subsea tree awards, with data sourced from, and analysed using, the new SubseaLogix service.