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The leading source of onshore rig market intelligence, Global Land Rigs provides data and insight across the global onshore drilling fleet.

Land Rig Analytics

Why Global Land Rigs?


Land drillings rigs with 750+ hp identified and tracked globally


Rig contractors tracked, along with their fleets


Years providing unparalleled insight into global land rigs


Country-specific five-year forecasts included in global coverage



Benchmark your performance and market penetration against key competitors.

Rig Outlook

Inform your business strategy with data that provides a unique, independent view of future activity relevant to your company.

Identify Opportunities

Identify associated growth opportunities on a global basis.

Latest News

Weekly market news emailed straight to your inbox for the latest land drilling rig updates.

Global Coverage

Save time and resource with a one-stop shop for market intelligence in the global land rig sector.

Market Share

Evaluate your market share with access to rig data through our operator, contractor and manufacturer relationships.

Rig Availability

View rig contractors and their currently active rig fleet in any country or regional market.


Assess the relative strength of your region’s rig contractors or OEMs, including those seeking capital investment.

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Global Land Rigs provides us with a unique view into the opaque world of land drilling with detailed coverage of areas we cannot reach ourselves.

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