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A unique Hydrogen market intelligence offering, initially focused on Northwest Europe. Stay on top of the evolving market opportunity and assess individual projects and pipeline risks.

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Why Hydrogen?


EU hydrogen production and import target for 2030


Low carbon hydrogen projects tracked


Of projects are ‘Risked’ to reach FID


Of projects are still in Concept or Planning stage


Northwest Europe Coverage

Track Hydrogen projects and market trends across Belgium, France, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK. 

Assess Individual Projects

Take a more risked view of projects and the pipeline, using the project certainty feature to assess a project’s likelihood of reaching FID. 

Identify Opportunities and Risks

Help make informed business decisions using a detailed dataset, analysis and insight geared at highlighting market opportunities and risks.

Wider Knowledge Integration

Access the knowledge of a dedicated Hydrogen team that is integrated with other Energy Transition experts (e.g. CCUS, Offshore Wind).

Latest News and Insights

Keep uptodate with daily industry news, quarterly market reports and published insights. 

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When you look at the combination of the ETS and the CBAM, that’s going to create the kind of right environment for seeing demand for decarbonisation and clean hydrogen in Europe.

David Burns
VP Clean Energy, Linde

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