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Our research on the exploration and production sector provides vital intelligence on both global exploration and appraisal and Northwest Europe exploration and production. It offers unrivalled technical depth and analysis with context from renowned industry experts.

Our solutions for E&P provide insight on global upstream activity which help companies improve oil and gas exploration performance, identify M&A opportunities and understand risks. Our clients benefit from easily accessible insight that enables them to understand current trends, benchmark performance, set realistic expectations and improve efficiency. Our services can also be used as tools for opportunity screening, risk assessment and investment decision making.

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Nine of the ten most active global explorers rely on Wildcat


Six of the top ten reserve holders in the UK use Atlas


Provided INEOS independent throughput analysis for the Forties Pipeline System (FPS)


Provided independent insight of geological models offering new access opportunities as a part of global exploration portfolio review

Excellent for giving commercial and technical insight into what is really going on in the world of international oil and gas exploration.

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