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Our research on the exploration and production sector, with its unrivaled technical depth and analysis and context from renowned industry experts, provides vital intelligence on both global exploration and appraisal and on North West Europe exploration and production.

Our solutions for global E&P can help improve oil and gas exploration performance and are available as subscription-based data services, bespoke reporting or consultancy mandates. Our clients benefit from easily accessible insight that enables them to understand current trends, benchmark performance, set realistic expectations and improve exploration efficiency. Our services can also be used as tools for opportunity screening, risk assessment and investment decision making.

E&P Description


Global Exploration and Appraisal

Helping clients improve their exploration performance.

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Northwest Europe E&P

Essential business intelligence for the Northwest Europe E&P sector.

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News & Insights


The emerging Orange Basin oil province in Namibia – a new global hot spot for exploration

Two significant oil discoveries announced by Shell and TotalEnergies in February 2022 have opened multiple new oil plays offshore Namibia. The excitement is understandable, but how significant could the breakthrough prove to be and what challenges need to be overcome to realise the potential?

Westwood Insight – 2021 High Impact Exploration – lowest discovered resource outside Russia for more than a decade

Despite the energy transition, the E&P sector has so far maintained the high impact well count. Whether this will continue beyond 2022 is the question.

E&P Product Solutions

We specialise in providing in-depth upstream technical data and analysis for the global E&A and Northwest Europe E&P sectors, giving operators actionable insight into current and likely future industry conditions

Unique global exploration and appraisal performance database, easy-to-use benchmarking tools and reports stream delivering powerful technical insights.

In-depth technical and commercial databases, analytical tools and analysis of wells, assets, companies, regions and basins to support business development in Northwest Europe E&P.

E&P Commercial Advisory

We provide independent advice to businesses, financial institutions, investors and industry bodies. Our corporate strategy services include: exploration strategy formulation and performance benchmarking, North Sea basin entry strategy, portfolio optimisation, business development and growth initiatives. Transaction support includes provision of commercial due diligence services.

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Our Credentials


Nine of the ten most active global explorers rely on Wildcat


Six of the top ten reserve holders in the UK use Atlas


Provided INEOS independent throughput analysis for the Forties Pipeline System (FPS)


Advised SAEV on their investment in Earth Science Analytics

“Excellent for giving commercial and technical insight into what is really going on in the world of international oil and gas exploration.”

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