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Energy Transition Now Podcast

Energy Transition Now

The ‘Energy Transition Now’ podcast is a series of 1:1 discussions on the transition to a net-zero emissions energy system with stakeholders in the industry who are part of the change. We explore the changing market dynamics, the opportunities and challenges ahead for the industry, and what this means for different actors.

In this mini-series we explore the status and potential of  CCUS. Our discussion focuses on the policy and regulatory changes that are driving markets forward, as well as the range of challenges that remain. The focus of the conversation is on the EU and the UK – markets that have made significant strides in adopting CCUS – and how they compare to other global markets. We also speak with wider industry stakeholders to broaden the perspective of what is to come.  

Our schedule below shows the dates and times each podcast will be available from, which you can add to your calendar. We will be announcing many more episodes being added over the coming weeks, so bookmark this page to keep up to date, or sign up with your email below to receive notifications of live podcasts or new episodes.

Series 7

Episode 36 - CCUS Cover

Toby Lockwood

Director of Technology & Markets for Carbon Capture
Clean Air Task Force

9th May 2024

In the first of our new CCUS mini-series, David Linden speaks with Toby Lockwood of the Clean Air Task Force to discuss why we need CCUS to reach our climate targets, and how much of it we will need, as well as which regions and countries are leading the way, before diving into the evolution of the EU’s policy framework in relation to CCUS. 

Episode 37 - CCUS Cover

Olivia Powis

UK Director
Carbon Capture and Storage Association

23rd May 2024

In the second episode of our CCUS mini-series, we turn our focus to the United Kingdom – a country with plans to be a global leader in CCUS. Olivia Powis, UK Director for the Carbon Capture and Storage Association, spoke with David Linden to explain the specific role that the technology plays in the UK, and why – after past failed attempts – the industry can now achieve its ambitious targets. David and Olivia also discuss both the opportunity and risks facing the industry, as well as what the longer-term vision is.

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