Energy Transition Insights – Offsets: why you should look but not touch

March saw Chevron Singapore Pte Ltd launching a carbon offset programme for its Singaporean Caltex brand. It’s a neat idea. Customers feeling queasy about their vehicle emissions can use their petrol pump loyalty points to offset their greenhouse gas footprints through investments in carbon reduction schemes approved by the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), an independent verification programme. Offset schemes such as this hold considerable promise for companies that cannot immediately switch to zero-carbon operations.

Westwood Insight – Norway State of Exploration 2012-2021

Exploration activity over the last decade has been impacted by two major oil price crashes and a global pandemic, which have resulted in large fluctuations in drilling costs, exploration performance and discovered volumes. Despite the maturity of the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS), Norway continues to be a global hotspot for exploration.

Global Subsea Tree Tracker

Each month, Westwood's subsea team provides a global update on subsea tree awards, with data sourced from, and analysed using, the new SubseaLogix service.