Stratigraphic and Reservoir Challenges with Triassic Plays in the North Sea

January 26, 2021 - January 27, 2021

Despite the significant number of publications and unpublished reports on the North Sea, the Triassic plays in the North Sea Central Graben is an area of increasing interest to both industry and academic institutions. However, to date it has received relatively less attention. The Triassic Period is one of a few under-explored plays that has the potential to supply extensive resources with large commercial potential and research opportunities. In particular, the Triassic Skagerrak Formation dominantly comprised of fluvial deposits and lacustrine sediments, containing packages of mudstones and sandstones with varying presence of evaporites. Several high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) sections are present in the Central Graben and are typically related to high quality sandstone reservoirs that have become of high commercial interest.

Despite the good reservoir quality and exploration of the sandstone packages within the Skagerrak Formation, the precise stratigraphic relationship of the region is complicated by the dynamic palaeoenvironments and palaeogeography of the Central Graben. This region is structurally complex and understanding the connectivity of the sub-basins (pods) has been a specific point of interest for both sectors (industry and academia). Traditional techniques such as biostratigraphy (i.e., palynology) is difficult in the Triassic sediments due to impoverished recoveries or barrenness of microfossils. However, through a combination of two or more stratigraphic approaches such as, chemostratigraphy, sedimentary provenance, core log analysis and cyclostratigraphy have provided a much better understanding. Often these techniques are used independently and/or focus on a specific small area of the Central Graben, leaving the results floating in terms of understanding the wider stratigraphy framework of the central North Sea.

This two-day virtual conference aims to bring together industrial and academic persons to educate and develop approaches that will benefit both sectors in the future. The virtual conference will focus on the current techniques, the challenges and future solutions in understanding the Triassic stratigraphy of the Central Graben of the North Sea.


Senior Analyst, Dave Mosely will be speaking at the event. View the agenda and register here.


  • Dave Moseley

    Dave Moseley

    Manager, NW Europe