Westwood Energy Group

Energy Analytics

Insight and analysis on market and commercial trends across the global energy value chain

We help clients make smarter decisions.  Our talented team work with clients to analyse key market and commercial trends across the global energy value chain backed by research and unrivalled experience.

Our services are often tailored to specific sub-sectors of the industry.  Our expertise allows us to determine market and commercial outlooks with primary sources for markets which lack transparency or are difficult to quantify.


Long-term scenario based forecasting of key macro-economic indicators such as energy demand, oil & gas supply and commodity prices.

Market Sizing

Detailed, bottom-up methodologies to size and forecast energy related markets such as contract drilling, oilfield equipment and FPSOs. Market projections can be split by country, customer and technology.

Supply & Demand

Understanding what makes leading energy hubs attractive to investors and corporates to evaluate local capability, competitiveness and gaps for future investment.


Evaluation of key players and their capabilities, assets, financial performance as well as differentiators and value proposition.

Supply Chain

Understanding how contracting works across different energy supply chains. Who are the key influencers and what are their key procurement criteria?


Direct discussions with industry stakeholders to gain insight on market trends, competitive positioning and other key commercial aspects.


Assessing the potential of new technologies or services and their ability to substitute or disrupt incumbents.


Identifying the current and potential evolution of regulatory environments globally and their impact on industry operations and customer behaviour.

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