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In the News, 20th May 2016

By May 20, 2016September 7th, 2022No Comments

DW in the NewsIt has been another busy week for DW with a number of reports, including OFE and Subsea Hardware referenced on a variety of websites:

Jason Waldie gave was quoted on Rigzone this week:

“Deepwater prospects are down to 122 as of January, down from 210 projects a year ago, Jason Waldie, associate director at energy research group Douglas-Westwood, said.” 18/05/2016

Energy Voice’s recent surveys and research, which DW was involved in, were available on their website this week:

“More than 500 people took part in Energy Voice’s research campaign, dubbed. The campaign covered current challenges, technology, diversification and industry cuts. The results, which were analysed by Douglas-Westwood, are visualized below.” 16/05/2016

Energy Voice also referenced the North Sea Decommissioning Market Forecast 2016-2040 in a recent news report:

“Douglas-Westwood’s North Sea Decommissioning Market Forecast 2016-2040 predicted that between 2016 and 2040 $70-$82 billion will be spent on decommissioning activity in around the North Sea basin.” 18/05/2016 18/05/2016 19/05/2016

Douglas-Westwood’s World Oilfield Equipment Market Forecast 2016-2020 was in the news this week:

“DW forecasts global oilfield equipment expenditure to total $622 billion (bn) between 2016 and 2020, despite a 3% year-on-year decline to 2020. Onshore growth will return from 2017 – with onshore spend expected to surpass offshore in the same year.” 17/05/2016 17/05/2016 17/05/2016 18/05/2016 19/05/2016 19/05/2016 19/05/2016 

The recently released World Subsea Hardware Market Forecast 2016-2020 was featured in the news this week:

“The economic viability of numerous offshore projects has been questioned due to a relentless rise in Capex and Opex. The prolonged low oil price has placed additional pressure on operator budgets – resulting in deferred sanctioning and in some cases, cancellations.” 16/05/2016 16/05/2016 16/05/2016

Another report in the news this week was the World Deepwater Market Forecast 2016-2020:

“Over the past 18 months, industry headlines have been dominated by the severe impact of the sustained low oil price on drilling contractors, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and vessel owners.” 16/05/2016 16/05/2016 16/05/2016

This week’s DW Monday was featured on a number of sites:

“The Middle East has been a relative bright spot for upstream activity during the oil price downturn. International land rig contractors, are actively focusing their strategy and drilling campaigns on the region in the attempt to limit the negative impact of low oil prices.” 16/05/2016 16/05/2016 16/05/2016 16/05/2016 19/05/2016

Last week’s DW Monday was also featured in the news this week:

According to analyst Douglas-Westwood (DW), the Saudis ordered the project to be shut in in October 2014 due to environmental regulation breaches.” 16/05/2016 16/05/2016 16/05/2016 16/05/2016