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In the News, 26th February 2016

By February 26, 2016September 7th, 2022No Comments

DW in the NewsThis week has seen a number of articles published by DW staff as well as a variety of reports mentioned in the news:

An article on Decommissioning that will appear in an upcoming issue of Offshore Support Journal was featured on their website this week:

“The oil price collapse will be the decisive change that forces operators to consider revising their standard operating model…the long-term nature of the current crash will force operators to consider decommissioning work.” 22/02/2016

A number of other websites also referenced the Decommissioning report this week:

“Research published by Douglas-Westwood earlier this month suggested nearly 150 oil platforms in the North Sea’s British sector could be scrapped over the next ten years.” 22/02/2016 22/02/2016

The last edition of the World Floating Production Market Forecast was also in the news this week:

“The DP market is likely to grow in the next few years as sales of FPSs and FPSOs rise, according to Douglas-Westwood analyst Ben Wilby. DPs are commonly used to keep FPSs and FPSOs in position in deepwater, especially when operations take place in rough seas.” 23/02/2016

There was an article by Mark Adeosun on the LNG World Market Forecast that appeared in the February issue on LNG Industry:

“Mark Adeosun, Douglas-Westwood, UK, offers a forecast for the LNG market to 2020, with a particular emphasis on developments in Asia.”

LNG Industry Feb 2016

This week’s DW Monday appeared on numerous websites:

“In a report released Monday, analysts DW highlighted the pressures facing the offshore supply chain – OSV firms, subsea construction operators, rig owners and others – as oil and gas companies take a hit from exceptionally low oil prices.” 22/02/2016 22/02/2016 22/02/2016 22/02/2016 22/02/2016 22/02/2016 22/02/2016 23/02/2016 23/02/2016