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In the News, 29th January 2016

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DW in the NewsThere’s two weeks of news covered in this email with DW and a large number of stories have referenced DW with eight different reports featuring in stories:


Mark Adeosun was quoted in this week’s Upstream newspaper, which referenced the World LNG Market Forecast 2016-2020:

“However, Mark Adeosun, author of DW’s 10th LNG World Market Forecast, admits “with commodity prices depressed, future LNG projects are uncertain, as those which are currently in front-end engineering and design are struggling to make economic sense.”

Upstream Newspaper – 29/01/2016 29/01/2016

An article about the World Offshore Wind Market Forecast 2016-2025 was featured on the Offshore Wind Journal website and Offshore Support Journal websites this week:

Respected market analyst Douglas-Westwood says it foresees a high level of investment in offshore wind in Europe in the next decade – and growing investment in emerging markets.” 25/01/2016 25/01/2016

An article about the tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which was released near the start of the month, was quoted this week:

“Notably, any future decisions to constrain output in order to support the oil price would likely require the agreement of both Saudi Arabia and Iran.” [3] Oil production in Saudi Arabia is expected to surpass 12 MMbbl/d in 2021 Douglas-Westwood said” 22/01/2016

Douglas-Westwood’s World ROV Operations Market Forecast 2015-2019 was featured in an article in magazine ROV Planet:

“DW expects annual expenditure on work-class ROV operations to increase from $2.7bn in 2015 to $3.3bn in 2019, at a CAGR of 4.3%. The market is expected to total $14.2bn over the forecast period, a growth of 19% over the previous five-year period.”

ROV Planet, Issue 6 – Q1 2016

Another report featured in the news was the World Onshore Pipelines Market Forecast:

“Onshore pipeline expenditure is forecast to grow by 14 per cent between 2015 and 2019, with approximately 309,000 km of pipeline expected to be installed globally, according to the latest global pipeline market report.” 21/01/2015

DW’s World Deepwater Market Forecast was quoted by the organiser of the Cape Industries Showcase:

“Energy intelligence source Douglas-Westwood reports that Africa will dominate deep-water expenditure over the next five years,” says John Thomson of Exhibition Management Services, organisers of the show.” 18/01/2016

The World Offshore Accommodation Market Forecast 2015-2020 was also featured in the news:

“According to DW there is likely to be modest growth in the market over the longer term despite a decrease in Capex over the period. Demand for flotels will average almost 42,000 PoB per year, an increase of 14% compared to the preceding six-year period.” 19/01/2016

As well as this the World Offshore Maintenance, Modifications & Operations Market Forecast was referenced on a large number of sites:

“In 2014, demand for offshore MMO services totalled $95bn for the world’s 8,061 offshore platforms. Operators are now focussed on controlling costs throughout the supply chain and there is significant pricing pressure impacting the 2015 and 2016 outlook.” 18/01/2016 18/01/2016 20/01/2016 21/01/2016

This week’s DW Monday was covered by a number of sites:

“Douglas-Westwood (DW) presented its outlook for the offshore energy sector, including outputs from its latest, soon to be published studies, in the context of a highly-turbulent start to the year that saw oil prices on the day of US$27/bbl.” 25/01/2016 25/01/2016

The DW Monday from the 18th was featured on a number of news sites:

“Saudi Arabia’s reluctance to cut production has paid off. By not “blinking first”, the Kingdom has succeeded in driving rigs out of the US shale market with current rotary rig counts down 65% from 2014 highs in September.” 18/01/2016 18/01/2016 18/01/2016 18/01/2016 18/01/2016 19/01/2016 19/01/2016 19/01/2016 20/01/2016 25/01/2016

A DW Monday that was released in mid-November was in the news this week as well:

“A host of North American refiners, including Tesoro, Valero Energy, Phillips 66 and Marathon Petroleum have seen profits soar as the low oil price has improved margins.”

PMKNV 20/01/2016