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In the News, 29th July 2016

By July 29, 2016September 7th, 2022No Comments

DW in the NewsA large number of reports where referenced in the news this week, including the OFE and Land Rig reports:


One report in the news this week was the recently released World Oilfield Equipment Market Forecast:

“OCTG – including drill pipe, production tubing and well casing – expenditure has been hit hard by the downturn – DW’s World Oilfield Equipment Market Forecast shows 2016 spending will amount to just 42% of the 2014 peak.” 22/07/2016 26/07/2016

Another report that featured heavily was the World Oilfield Services Market Forecast: 26/07/2016 27/07/2016 27/07/2016 27/07/2016 27/07/2016 27/07/2016 28/07/2016

An article by Mark Adeosun on LNG in Africa that referenced the World LNG Market Forecast was featured on the LNG Industry website:

“LNG has become an important part of the global energy mix. However, Africa remains a region with plentiful gas reserves that is yet to fully utilise LNG technology to diversify and meet its growing energy needs.” 25/07/2016

The World Land Drilling Rig Market Forecast that was released earlier this month was in the news again this week:

“Data from consulting firm Douglas-Westwood, meanwhile, suggests that 16% of the North American rig fleet has been scrapped since January 2015.” 22/07/2016

Another report to feature in the news was the North Sea Decommissioning Market Forecast:

“Earlier this year, a report from industry consultancy DW estimated that the NS decommissioning market could be worth as much as $82 billion between 2016 and 2040 and that some 144 platforms are due to be removed in the UK NS between 2019 and 2026.” 27/07/2016 27/07/2016

The World Deepwater Market Forecast was also in the news this week:

“Consulting firm Douglas-Westwood has estimated a total deepwater expenditure of $137 billion worldwide between 2016 and 2020.” 26/07/2016 27/07/2016


This week’s DW Monday was also featured in the news:

“With these new projects, Russia is positioning itself to be a serious competitor to leading LNG producers. The country’s vast gas reserves and geostrategic position place Russia in a unique position to meet the growing demand for gas.” 25/07/2016 25/07/2016 25/07/2016 25/07/2016