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In the News, 2nd December 2016

By December 2, 2016September 7th, 2022No Comments

DW in the NewsDouglas-Westwood was referenced on both the BBC and Upstream websites this week, while a number of websites featured DW Monday:

 The BBC referenced Douglas-Westwood a number of times in an article on the outcome of the OPEC meeting:

“It is Iraq that has been the producer growing output fastest. The latest market report form energy consultancy Douglas-Westwood says it has gone up from 3.4m barrels per day in 2014 to 4.8m this year.” 01/12/2016

Upstream featured an article on Jason Waldie’s recent speech at the OSEA conference in Singapore:

“While the industry looks to see what decision Opec will make in Vienna on Wednesday, Douglas-Westwood associate director Jason Waldie has warned that regardless of their decision oversupply could remain for some time to come.” 29/11/2016

This week’s DW Monday was also in the news this week:

“Myanmar, once impeded by political and economic trade embargoes, has seen a dramatic turnaround in fortunes since the lifting of international sanctions in 2012.” 28/11/2016 28/11/2016 28/11/2016 28/11/2016 28/11/2016 29/11/2016 30/11/2016