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In the News, 4th March 2016

By March 4, 2016September 7th, 2022No Comments

DW in the NewsA number of reports received coverage this week as did DW Monday which considered the recently announced output freeze.

DWs recently released North Sea Decommissioning Market Forecast was featured again this week:

“Having suffered heavy losses from the diminishing North Sea oil and gas industry, Denmark, Germany, Norway and the UK are now looking at the prospect of up to $82bn to decommission over the next 25 years, according to analysts Douglas-Westwood.” 01/03/2016 02/03/2016
Oilvoice Magazine Edition 48

The LNG report was another to appear in the news:

“Douglas-Westwood sees Asia leading the way amid continuing rising capital expenditure for global LNG projects, which highlights the value of a PNG LNG expansion which Energy News believes will be relatively light on capital requirements.” 01/03/2016

References to Subsea Hardware were also in the news this week:

“Analyst Douglas-Westwood (DW), meanwhile, warned of a shock for the subsea market in 2016. DW believes that subsea installation activity is yet to bottom out, with current backlog disguising the reality of the industry.” 01/03/2016

This week’s DW Monday was featured on a range of sites this week:

“Traders were left disappointed, given January’s near-record production levels and any output freeze contingent on other producers following suit. Consequently, there has been little change in day-to-day commodity price volatility.” 29/02/2016 29/02/2016 29/02/2016 29/02/2016 29/02/2016 29/02/2016 01/03/2016 01/03/2016 01/03/2016 03/03/2016