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In the News, August 14th 2015

By August 14, 2015September 7th, 2022No Comments

DW in the NewsThere is two weeks’ worth of news in this edition with numerous market reports featuring as well as a number of DW Mondays that have proved popular:

Offshore Marine Group Otto Marine used charts from Douglas-Westwood’s World Drilling & Production Market Forecast 2015-2021 in their Q2 2015 results presentation:

“Independent sector forecasts still positive in the long-term.” 14/08/2015

They were not the only company to quote DW in a financial report with Japan Drilling Company quoting Douglas-Westwood’s World Deepwater Market Forecast 2015-2019 in their latest financial report:

“Deepwater development of five years from 2015 to 2020, investment 210 billion US dollars (about 25 trillion yen), expected to increase 69% as compared with last five years.”

An article about the World FLNG Market Forecast 2015-2021 appeared on the Maritime Executive website:

“Douglas-Westwood research indicates that spending on FSRUs will reach $22.8 billion over the 2015-2021 period, taking the combined expenditure for the floating LNG market to $58.3 billion.” 02/08/2015

This week saw the release of the World Onshore Pipelines Market Forecast 2015-2019 and it appeared on a few websites:

“DW has just released its World Onshore Pipelines Market Forecast 2015-2019, which looks at the prospects for the onshore pipelines construction business and values the future markets through to 2019 by key component, region, pipeline type and diameter.” 12/08/2015 12/08/2015

The recently released World Offshore Accommodation Market Forecast 2015-2020 appeared in the news on a number of websites last week:

“DW said Thursday that demand for accommodation units to support Opex is crucial as the outlook for Personnel on Board (PoB) requirements is expected to remain relatively steady from 2015 to 2020, despite declining Capex across the offshore industry.” 06/08/2015 06/08/2015 10/08/2015

The World Deepwater Market Forecast 2015-2019 was also referenced on a number of other websites:

“Despite pressures on operator budgets deferring the sanctioning of certain projects, a Douglas-Westwood report still expects deepwater expenditure to increase by 69%, compared to the preceding five year period totalling US$210 billion from 2015 to 2019.” 04/08/2015 07/08/2015 08/08/2015

An article on Wind Energy Network referenced the latest edition of the World Offshore Wind Market Forecast 2015-2024:

“Globally, some 5.3GW of offshore wind capacity is expected to be installed in 2015 and annual additions are set to rise to 7.5GW by 2020, according to the latest World Offshore Wind Market Forecast from consultancy Douglas-Westwood.”

Douglas-Westwood were referenced in a number of articles that appeared on the Energy Voice website due to their work on the Energy 2050 project:

“Energy 2050 – Securing our Future was launched at OTC in Houston in May and is in partnership with RGU, Burness Paull, EY, Douglas-Westwood, Fifth Ring and the University of Oklahoma.” 07/08/2015, 10/08/2015, 11/08/2015, 13/08/2015

Douglas-Westwood’s World FLNG Market Forecast 2015-2021 continued to receive plenty of attention in the news:

“There will be significant growth in both investment and activity in the FLNG market over the next seven years, with DW forecasting total expenditure of $58.3 billion (bn) in its new market report.” 31/07/2015 31/07/2015 31/07/2015 31/07/2015 31/07/2015 11/08/2015 11/08/2015 12/08/2015 12/08/2015 13/08/2015 14/08/2015

The World FLNG Market Forecast 2015-2021 was also referenced in an article on Rigzone:

Douglas-Westwood projects capital expenditure (Capex) for FLNG vessels will hit $35.5 billion during 2015 to 2021, despite a slowdown in the oil and gas sector.” 04/08/2015 05/08/2015

This week’s DW Monday appeared on a number of websites:

“After almost eight decades of Pemex monopoly, the Mexican energy sector is entering a new era of foreign oil company participation, says energy market research and consulting group Douglas-Westwood.” 10/08/2015 10/08/2015 10/08/2015 11/08/2015 11/08/2015 11/08/2015

Last week’s DW Monday also featured on a number of websites:

“Although Chinese economic growth slowed during the past year and local companies’ profits proved unsubstantial, investment in Chinese stocks remained high, creating a bubble which popped on June 12 with the Shanghai index losing a third of its value.” 03/08/2015 03/08/2015 06/08/2015

The DW Monday from the 27th of July was still appearing in the news last week:

The global subsea sector has become highly consolidated, with just five players servicing the US$12billion annual requirements of the global E&P community says analyst Douglas-Westwood (DW).” 06/08/2015

The June 29th DW Monday was featured on the Oil & Gas Financial Journal website:

“Between 2009 and 2014, refining margins rarely exceeded $5/bbl in Europe and $8/bbl in Asia, whilst the USA was the only safe-haven, averaging $15/bbl. In 2015, however, the game changed as the global oversupply triggered a crude price collapse.” 07/08/2015

May 4th saw the release of a DW Monday titled ‘Layoffs and Another Lost Generation’ which was featured in the news:

“Just as the legacy of the 1980s-1990s created a shortage of experienced workers…the numbers of lost personnel, threatens the long-term capacity of the industry. To many in the business, DW Monday notes, it feels like history is repeating itself.” 01/08/2015