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In the News, July 24th 2015

By July 24, 2015September 7th, 2022No Comments

DW in the NewsIt has been another busy week with a number of articles from members of Douglas-Westwood appearing in publications. This week also saw the release of the World FLNG Market Forecast, which drew a lot of attention:


Steve Robertson was quoted in the Economist this week:

“Where the focus is at the moment and where the quick wins are is in tackling what the industry is doing but in a different way,” says Steve Robertson, director at Douglas-Westwood, a research consultancy firm and producer of the Deepwater Market Forecast. 23/07/2015

An article by Rachel Stonehouse about the World Offshore Wind Market Forecast 2015-2024 appeared in June’s Offshore Engineer magazine and she was also quoted on their ‘voices’ page:

“Cumulative offshore wind capacity is forecast to reach 57GW by 2024, driven by the continued development of established markets such as the UK, Germany and China.”

Offshore Engineer Magazine June 2015

An article by Fay Bridges was published in the latest edition of Ship & Offshore magazine. It focused on the recently released World Offshore Maintenance, Modifications & Operations Market Forecast 2015-2019:

“In the latest edition of DW’s “World Offshore Maintenance, modifications and Operations Market Forecast , the UK based energy business advisors predict that over USD 426 billion will be spent over the next five years on oil and gas MMO.”

Ship & Offshore Magazine Jun/July 2015

The May/June issue of Underwater Contractor International included a column that referenced the DW Monday from the 4th of May:

“Industry analyst Douglas-Westwood has said that layoffs in the oil & gas industry have totalled almost 100,000 worldwide over the last nine months.”

Underwater Contractor International May/June 2015

It also referenced the World Deepwater Market Forecast 2015-2019 and the World Offshore Maintenance, Modifications & Operations Market Forecast 2015-2019:

“The well-respected Douglas-Westwood continues to make mainly optimistic forecasts for the oil and gas industry, although it warns that costs continue to rise sharply.”

Underwater Contractor International May/June 2015

This week saw the release of Douglas-Westwood’s World FLNG Market Forecast 2015-2021 and a number of news sites picked up on it:

“Analysts at DW say despite a current pause in commitments to new projects, the Capex for (FLNG) vessels is expected to amount to US$35.5 billion over 2015-2021. Spending on FSRU’s will total $22.8 billion over the same period.” 23/07/2015 23/07/2015 23/07/2015 23/07/2015 23/07/2015 24/07/2015 24/07/2015

This week’s DW Monday was popular, appearing on a number of websites:

“After 10 years of diplomatic negotiation, the UN P5+1 countries at last reached an agreement to unwind economic sanctions on Iran in return for significant international control and surveillance over its nuclear activities.” 20/07/2015 20/07/2015 20/07/2015 20/07/2015 20/07/2015 20/07/2015 21/07/2015 21/07/2015 23/07/2015 24/07/2015