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In the News, May 22 2015

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DW in the News

This week saw a chart from the Deepwater report used in Franks International’s Q2 2015 presentation as well as articles on the Energy 2050 project that DW is part of:

 The DW Monday from May 4th was quoted in the Australian Financial Review this week:

“According to consultancy DW, since oil prices started declining in mid-2014, services companies Schlumberger, Baker Hughes and Halliburton have announced layoffs of around 20,000, 10,500 and 9000 employees respectively.” 18/05/2015

A chart from Douglas-Westwood’s World Deepwater Market Forecast 2015-2019 was featured in a presentation by Franks International. (Opens as a PDF) 20/05/2015


The World Deepwater Market Forecast 2015-2019 also appeared on a Chinese language news site:

“There is a huge opportunity for deepwater production growth. Douglas-Westwood’s “Deepwater 5-year forecast” will have a substantial increase of 69% compared to the previous forecast.” 22/05/2015

Douglas-Westwood’s World ROV Operations Market Forecast 2013-2017 was also featured in the news this week:

According to a forecast of Douglas-Westwood, there is a strong potential in the market of deepwater robots. During the 5 years from 2013 to 2017, the estimated expenditure in operation of deepwater robots around the globe is 9.7 billion USD.” 21/05/2015

Energy Voice and the Press and Journal both had articles on DW’s work on the Energy 2050 project:

“EV’s partners in the latest part of the far-reaching research include RGU, Burness Paull, EY, energy consultancy Douglas-Westwood and the University of Oklahoma.”

Press and Journal 19/05/2015 20/05/2015

An article on the recent oil price collapse featured a DW chart on oil majors’ Capex/crude production: 20/05/2015

The latest DW Monday was featured on a number of websites:

“When the price of oil started its tumble late last fall so too did the oilfield services (OFS) market. The rig count in the U.S. has been halved compared to this time last year and operators are struggling across the board to cut costs in this low price environment.” 18/05/2015 18/05/2015 21/05/2015