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New Report

The first edition of The Offshore Produced Water Gamechanger Report, developed by OTM Consulting, in partnership with energy business analysts, Douglas-Westwood, explores the options available for managing produced water from offshore oil and gas production streams.

Water Management

Produced water is the largest waste stream from hydrocarbon production. In fact, daily water production volumes significantly exceed that of oil volumes, to the extent that 211 million barrels of water are produced by the industry daily compared to around 85 million barrels of oil over the same timeframe. The report identifies a range of new and emerging technologies that can help operators deal successfully with produced water – including treatment, minimisation, separation and re-injection.

Market Opportunities & Growth Potential

The Offshore Produced Water Gamechanger Report, also report provides detailed forecasts on market opportunities and growth potential for key produced water treatment equipment and technologies. It highlights that the total size of the market opportunity for final stage produced water treatment systems is estimated to be around $4.3 billion for the next five years – and predicts that the size of market opportunity for topside produced water re-injection systems is around $9.8 billion over the same period.

Case Studies & Operator Opinion

Case specific information is provided on the application of modern produced water management technologies such as Chevron’s application of compact flotation units at its Alba field, and ConocoPhillips’ adoption of condensate based extraction technology at the Ekofisk field. Significantly, the results of a global survey are provided, based on responses from 16 operator companies with a total of 21 respondents covering most of the major oil producing regions of the world. The survey includes opinions from companies such as Shell, BP, ExxonMobil, Total and Saudi Aramco.

Acclaimed Series

Researched and written by OTM Consulting in partnership with Douglas-Westwood, The Offshore Produced Water Gamechanger Report 2010 – 2014, is the latest in an acclaimed series of business studies published by the two organisations, whose reports are utilised by organisations worldwide including oil majors, investment banks, offshore contractors, agencies and government departments.