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White paper – “Qatar Petroleum leads a new wave of NOC investment in exploration”

Released today, a new white paper from Westwood Global Energy Group, takes a step on from our recent Westwood Insight, where we discussed how Qatar Petroleum has bucked the trend of NOCs retrenching from exploration investment since the oil price crash of 2014.

Within the 7-page paper, we address four key questions, which provide an historical backdrop and analysis, covering 2008-2019, through to YTD. These questions include:

  • What has NOC exploration performance been like since 2008 and what are some of the lessons that can be learned from NOCs that go international?
  • What impact have NOCs made exploring outside of their home countries since 2008?
  • Which NOCs are leading the way in spend and activity?
  • What lessons could NOCs learn from other NOCs that have tried their hand at international exploration before?

To download a PDF of the white paper, simply submit your company email address below, and you’ll receive a direct download link via email within 15 minutes.