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Rig Specification and Pad Drilling Data Analysis

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Drilling factories and pad drilling changed the market landscape for rig efficiency and activity. Our basin-level rig forecast combined with drilling analysis provides an in-depth view of basin and operator trends for the drilling and drilling-services markets.

Clients rely on our pad drilling and benchmarking expertise to assess the differences between batch drilling, spudder rigs, and other drilling trends in specific basins. Blending industry and proprietary client data helps our clients get a detailed view of drilling activity trends for Tier 1 and Tier 2 drilling contractors across super-spec and other rig types.

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Commercial Advisory

We offer a range of advisory services in the unconventionals sector. Each engagement is unique, but more common projects include: identifying business opportunities, benchmarking corporate strategies, matching technologies to specific locations, analysing competitive positioning and pricing implications.

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Drilling Solutions

High-performing drilling contractors rely on our exceptional cycle-time analysis and rig specifications by basin to benchmark operations and provide commercial insights with regularly updated, near real-time intelligence.

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Fantastic pad drilling and rig benchmark analysis for our understanding of the Bakken.

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