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Westwood Global Energy Group

We are a leading provider of information, subscription-based data services, bespoke reporting and commercial and research-led consultancy for the global energy industry. We cover many areas of energy market specialisms, from the energy transition, emissions, CCUS, hydrogen and offshore wind, to global oil and gas exploration and production.

We are committed to excellence and are trusted advisors to our clients internationally, helping them to make informed commercial and strategic decisions through a combination of proprietary data, insight and knowledge. Our analysis is independent, flexible, quality-assured and based on sector expertise throughout our organization.


Does Westwood have a structured Internship programme?

Westwood Global Energy Group continues to welcome the opportunity to run Internship Programmes.  We are focused on maintaining credible relationships with a variety of Universities and Colleges to help us facilitate this in the most efficient way possible.


What are the benefits to the Intern and also to Westwood?

Internships benefit both the Intern and the Company in a variety of ways, offering a balance of both the individual’s learning goals and the Company’s needs.

For the Intern – Westwood provides guided supervision to the Intern by offering the chance to work in a designated professional team with related work experience, continued observation, evaluation and feedback for growth.  It helps ease the transition from University/ College into the professional world.  The Intern will gain exposure to their field of interest to help explore potential career possibilities in various industries. It also provides them with the opportunity they might otherwise not have had, to create a professional network via the colleagues they work with and the customers/ clients they interact with during their time with us.

For Westwood – it is an ideal way to gain valuable support for the business and our existing employees and allows us to discover new talent. With their freshly gained knowledge on the industry they can introduce innovative and creative ideas. It can provide existing staff with the chance to develop their leadership skills by mentoring the Intern.  Lastly, whatever career the intern decides to pursue, having a positive experience with Westwood will enhance our reputation with those that we believe will become the leaders of the future.  The best ambassadors for our brand that there can be.

Westwood Global Energy Group is committed to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion among our workforce in everything we do and eliminating unlawful discrimination.

To apply, please send your CV (and covering letter should you wish) to: [email protected]