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The Study provides a technical description of over 950 undrilled prospects and over 200 undeveloped discoveries currently on open acreage focusing attention on those that are considered to be 10 mmboe or greater. It also includes the 14 blocks and part-blocks on offer in the Offshore 2016 Supplementary Round – also available as a separate report.

Information on all unlicensed Blocks and part-Blocks in the area available for licensing where potential has been previously mapped, plus last licensed date and previous drilling details is also included. Full UKCS or area editions available.

CNS prospects 434
NNS prospects 178
SNS prospects 260
WOB/WOS prospects 109
Discoveries 208

By providing a first-pass screening to grade opportunities for further detailed work this Study enables explorers and business managers to focus efforts where most appropriate.

On formal Round announcement a Final Update will be issued describing any blocks not covered in the pre-announcement report.

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