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RigOutlook – A Quantitative Forecast for the Offshore Rig Market

This service has been developed for:

Types of Company:

  • Exploration and Production Companies
  • Drilling Contractors
  • Manufacturers and Equipment and Services
  • Professional Services and Financial Companies

Types of roles:

  • Strategy, Competitor Intelligence & Commercial teams
  • Marketing and Business Development teams
  • Supply chain procurement teams
  • E&P Asset teams
  • Financial Analysts

RigLogix has been the industry’s first choice for timely, comprehensive and accurate rig market intelligence since 2004.

New RigLogix takes a step further and provides the same high value insight, but now with an industry first forecasting tool, enhanced data analytics and a new user interface.

Advanced market intelligence

Whether you’re in the planning process for a drilling project, researching leading-edge day rates, utilisation figures or equipment specs for the global offshore fleet, or contemplating an investment in the sector, RigLogix gives you an advantage.

First for critical data

Accurate and timely information is key when it comes to planning your next offshore drilling program, keeping up with your competition, positioning your assets, or making your next rig market financial analysis. Knowing important data points such as contract start/end dates, dayrates, rig status, equipment specs, and upcoming rig requirements is critical to your decisions.

  • Benefits of service
  • Drilling Contractors - Monitor competitors by building custom dashboards on the home page; benchmark other contractor earnings vs market averages; monitor operators and rig locations; custom built market forecasts
  • Operators - Understand rig capabilities; assess rig availabilities and dayrates earned; create custom utilisation and dayrate reports; monitor open demand and tendering
  • Services & Equipment - Understand rig capabilities of most relevance; view equipment market shares, plans sales strategies; global newbuild data; view rig movements to plan logistics
  • Financial Services - Custom build market forecasts; specific data monitoring of key criteria; track and monitor drilling contractors; assess drilling contractors versus peer groups

RigLogix offers a suite of solutions to meet your needs

Global Rig Data Solutions

Our clients have access to accurate and timely industry data, first. This means a critical planning and response advantage. Access a world-class database and data management toolset with thousands of individual data points covering the global fleet.

Key Features

  • Rig Specifications
  • Rig Locations & Mapping
  • Rig Status
  • Operator Information
  • Custom Data Reports & Exports

Unique Market Analysis

If you’re trying to understand trends or where dayrates may be headed, you need RigOutlook and our trend analysis. Input your own variables such as retirement rates, macro scenarios, supply and demand inclusions to view an historic and forecast outlook to 2024 for key rig types.

Key Features

  • RigOutlook Tool
  • Historic Utilisation
  • Dayrate Information & Analysis
  • Order Books
  • Regional Profiles
  • Market Shares

First For Rig News

Our global team of analysts are embedded into the offshore rig market, which means that we hear, corroborate and can report rig news, first. Our daily and custom news feeds allow you filter using activity dates, keyword searches and activity type so you can customise your feed.

Key Features

  • DailyLogix News Feed
  • Contracts
  • Rig Requirements
  • Custom News Feeds
  • Email News Subscriptions

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