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RigLogix RoundUp, April 18, 2019

This service has been developed for:

Types of Company:

  • Exploration and Production Companies
  • Drilling Contractors
  • Manufacturers and Equipment and Services
  • Professional Services and Financial Companies

Types of roles:

  • Strategy, Competitor Intelligence & Commercial teams
  • Marketing and Business Development teams
  • Supply chain procurement teams
  • E&P Asset teams
  • Financial Analysts

The offshore rig market is complex and dynamic with a high value supply chain. Information is key when it comes to planning your next offshore drilling program, keeping up with your competition, positioning your assets, or making your next rig market financial forecast. Knowing important data points such as contract start/end dates, day rates, rig status, equipment specs, corporate positioning and upcoming rig requirements can ensure you are making informed business decisions. RigLogix provides the industry with dependable commercial insight and actionable intelligence.

Created by industry experts to provide real time market understanding

“Our Mission is to offer our clients access to a unique database which provides differentiated insight and information on the Rig market. RigLogix has a long established history of over 17 years in the business” “We deliver this through an easy to use web-based portal with the highest quality historical and current information with the most powerful and user-friendly analysis and reporting tools in the industry. Trusted by industry veterans, RigLogix provides instant access to valuable pre-built reports as well as the ability to create custom reports so you can track future rig contracts, rig availability, dayrates, utilization trends, rig capabilities, rig location, and much more.” Terry Childs, Head of RigLogix

  • Benefits of service
  • Ability to create your own custom reports tracking over 100+ data points for each rig, as well as access to valuable library of pre-built reports
  • Track key market information including: Current and future rig contracts, rig requirements and planned tenders, rig locations and availability, utilization trends, and day rates allowing oil companies and drilling contractors to make commercial forecasts and competitor assessments
  • Rig equipment and capabilities allowing service companies and manufacturers breakdown into specifications and rig design
  • Supply/demand and average day rates for analysts to understand key market trends
  • Keep up with the latest rig market news, including contract awards, cancellations, rig movements, licensing and rig requirements, driller earnings, and more through access to a daily news feed and a twice- weekly newsletter sent via email every Tuesday and Thursday

RigLogix offers a suite of Subscription Services tailored to your needs:

Immediate Access to Global Offshore Data and Reports

Access a world-class database and data management toolset with thousands of individual data points covering the global fleet.

Key Features

  • 17 years of historical, current, and future activity data
  • Detailed rig information including utilization, dayrates, contracts, equipment specs and much more
  • Intuitive, best-in-class tools
  • Instant access to pre-built and custom reports and weekly newsletters
  • Multiple export options
  • Automated report delivery

In-depth analysis, trends and multi-year forecasting for the global jackup and floating rig fleets

Published twice a year, RigOutlook provides a three-year forecast of supply /demand, dayrate and industry trends for the worldwide jackup and floating rig fleets.

Key Features

  • Optimize long-term strategic planning
  • Analyze trends in the rig market
  • Interpret how macro factors and global influences affect market players

Comparison and analysis tool for the global competitive rig fleet

RigEdge facilitates an effective evaluation and comparison of key data points with the use of visual tools, helping you save time and money when planning future projects.

Key Features

  • Perform accurate and comprehensive rig comparison and analysis based on critical rig features and equipment characteristics
  • Get an at-a-glance overview of the global rig fleet with visual and an interactive interface

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