Brazil Offshore Rigs

Sourced from RigLogix, a monthly updated list of Brazlian offshore drilling rigs, their status and associated operator in Brazil. Last updated; 18th December, 2019.

Rig Status Count
Cold Stacked 2
Drilling 19
Warm Stacked 3
Hot Stacked 3
Workover 6
Shipyard-Inspection 2
Waiting on Location 1
Total Brazil Offshore Rig Count 36


Rig Manager Rig Type Rig Name Status Operator
America Oleo & Gas Jackup America IV Cold Stacked
Archer Platform Rig Peregrino A Drilling Equinor ASA
Archer Platform Rig Peregrino B Drilling Equinor ASA
Atlantica Tender Drilling Ltd. Tender Bassdrill Beta Drilling Petrobras (NOC)
Bambu SPG Semisub SS Pantanal Cold Stacked
BASE Drillship Vitoria 10000 Warm Stacked
Constellation Oil Services Drillship Amaralina Star Hot Stacked
Constellation Oil Services Drillship Brava Star Workover Shell
Constellation Oil Services Drillship Laguna Star Drilling Petrobras (NOC)
Constellation Oil Services Semisub Alpha Star Warm Stacked
Constellation Oil Services Semisub Atlantic Star Hot Stacked
Constellation Oil Services Semisub Gold Star Shipyard-Inspection
Constellation Oil Services Semisub Lone Star Shipyard-Inspection
Diamond Offshore Semisub Ocean Courage Workover Petrobras (NOC)
Diamond Offshore Semisub Ocean Valor Drilling Petrobras (NOC)
Etesco Drilling Svcs Drillship Etesco Takatsugu J Drilling Petrobras (NOC)
Ocyan Drillship Norbe IX Waiting on Location Petrobras (NOC)
Ocyan Drillship Norbe VIII Workover Petrobras (NOC)
Ocyan Drillship ODN I Drilling Petrobras (NOC)
Ocyan Drillship ODN II Workover Petrobras (NOC)
Ocyan Semisub Norbe VI Drilling Petrobras (NOC)
Petrobras (NOC) Platform Rig SM Rig 05 Drilling Petrobras (NOC)
Petrobras (NOC) Platform Rig SM Rig 07 Drilling Petrobras (NOC)
Petrobras (NOC) Platform Rig SM Rig 09 Drilling Petrobras (NOC)
Petrobras (NOC) Platform Rig SM Rig 10 Drilling Petrobras (NOC)
Petrobras (NOC) Platform Rig SM Rig 11 Drilling Petrobras (NOC)
Petrobras (NOC) Platform Rig SM Rig 12 Drilling Petrobras (NOC)
PetroRio Platform Rig Polvo A Drilling PetroRio
Petroserv SA Drillship Carolina Warm Stacked
Petroserv SA Semisub SSV Victoria Hot Stacked
Seadrill Ltd Drillship West Tellus Drilling Petrobras (NOC)
Transocean Drillship Deepwater Corcovado Drilling Petrobras (NOC)
Transocean Drillship Deepwater Mykonos Drilling Petrobras (NOC)
Transocean Drillship Petrobras 10000 Workover Petrobras (NOC)
Valaris Drillship Valaris DS-9 Drilling Total E&P
Valaris Semisub Valaris 6002 Workover Petrobras (NOC)

Example Rig Profile

Deepwater Mykonos (last updated 18.12.19)

Current status: Drilling

Date Available: 2021-05-28

Rig History


Current and Upcoming Locations

Country Location Start Date End Date Days WD (‘)
Brazil Mero Field 2019-11-25 2021-05-28 17
Brazil 2021-05-29 2023-08-22
Brazil 2023-08-23

Rig Basics

Rig Manager Transocean
Rig Type Drillship
Rig Owner Transocean
Market Category Drillship > 7,500′
Floater Generation 5
Competitive Rig Yes
Marketed Rig Yes
Flag Marshall Islands
Rated Water Depth 10,000 ‘
Drilling Depth 35,000 ‘
Classification ABS A1, Drilling Unit, AMS, ABS MPD, CDS, ACCU, DPS-3
Quarters 217
Built By Samsung Heavy Industries
Delivery Date 30/09/2011
Construction Cost 630
Minimum Water Depth
Rated Water Depth 10,000 ‘
Drilling Depth 35,000 ‘
Variable Load 44,092 kips
Self Propelled Yes
Transit Draft 27
Operating Draft 40
Transit Displacement 73,303
Operating Displacement 10,582
Transit Speed 12
Survival Conditions Max wind: 100kts, Max wave: 47ft, Max period: 17sec
Drilling Conditions Max wind: 50kts, Max wave: 33ft, Max period: 10sec, Max current: 1kts
Towing Conditions

Operator Start Date End Date Days Dayrate (US$) Status Type Note
Petrobras (NOC) 2021-05-29 2023-08-22 815 Option Term
Petrobras (NOC) 2019-11-25 2021-05-28 550 211,000 Firm Contract Term Contract value of $129.2 million. Rate does not include approximately $25,000 for MPD and other integrated services.
Petrobras (NOC) 2015-03-23 2018-03-23 1096 476,000 Firm Contract Term
Petrobras (NOC) 2012-03-22 2015-03-22 1095 455,000 Firm Contract Term

Design Highlights

Rig Design Company Samsung Heavy Industries
Design Model S10000E
Rig Design Notes MPD capability added 05/2018
Self Propelled Yes
HPHT Capable No
High Spec No
SPS Date 29/09/2021
Activity Yes


Ordered 24/12/2007
Delivered 30/09/2011
Shipyard Samsung Heavy Industries
Yard Location Geoje, South Korea
Cost 630
IMO number 9516882
Hull number 1866


Hull 748′ x 137′ x 62′
Moonpool 84′ x 41′
Helideck Chinook (89′ x 89′)

Rig Machinery

Cranes 4 x NOV, 94 Tons @ 25′
Engines Main Power: 6 x STX 16V32 12,960 HP; driving ABB AMG 900 LSE 7,000 kW generator
Mud Pumps 3 x NOV 14-P-220 2,200 HP
Power Distribution
Riser Shaffer 90′ x 21.0″

Drilling Equipment

Derrick NOV (2); 2000000 lbs.; 200′
Iron Roughneck NOV
Top Drive NOV HPS-1000
Cement Unit
Rotary Table NOV RST 605; 60.5″
Traveling Block
Motion Compensator
MPD Capable Yes

Well Control

BOP 2 x Shaffer 18.75″ 15,000 PSI Triple Ram
2 x Shaffer 18.75″ 10,000 PSI Annular
Diverter NOV 21.25″ 500 PSI
BOP Handling
Choke and Manifold
Wellhead Connector


Drill Water 16,353 bbl
Active Mud 6,038 bbl
Liquid Mud 15,720 bbl
Potable Water 8,176 bbl
Reserve Mud 5,987 bbl
Sack Storage
Mud Cement Bulk 15,962 cuft
Other Base Oil: 3066 bbls; Brine: 2993 bbls

Station Keeping

DP System 6 x Kongsberg 44,250 HP
DP Rating DP3
Winches 4 x National Oilwell
4 x National Oilwell
Anchors 2 x; 100 tons
Mooring Line

Solids Control

Shale Shakers