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New well highlights from Bakken, Marcellus, Anadarko, and Wolfcamp

By August 23, 2018September 7th, 2022No Comments

Hunt Oil completes 2-mile lateral in Bakken (2018-07-24)

Hunt Oil Company has completed a Bakken well, the AUSTIN 154-90-27-22H-1, in Mountrail county, North Dakota.

The AUSTIN 154-90-27-22H-1 had an initial production rate of 1073 bbl of oil, 570 MMcf of gas, and 341 bbl of water. Drilled at a depth of 9,420-ft, the 10,509-ft lateral well completed with plug and perf system. Hunt Oil Company reported a max pressure of 7,073 PSI and max rate of 62 barrels per minute in its 47 stage stimulation along the lateral.

CNX Resources in Marcellus (2018-07-27)

CNX Resources Corporation has completed an extended lateral Marcellus well in the Appalachian basin in Greene County, Pennsylvania.

A gas well drilled at a depth of 6,764-ft, the RHL22 DHS flowed initial production rates of 2889 MMcf. The Appalachian well was drilled to a depth of 6,764-ft with a super lateral of 11,917-ft. Completed at 18,681-ft with a 42-stage fracture stimulation, the RHL22 DHS utilizes Keane as its pressure pumper with Allied provided cementing.

Calyx Energy in Mississippian (2018-07-28 and 2018-07-25)

Two wells on a 4-well pad in Arkoma Woodford were completed by Calyx Energy III LLC in Hughes in Oklahoma.

The Anadarko extended lateral well flowed 47 bbl of crude and 2,963 MMcf of gas. The MADISON 2-24-13CH was drilled to 3,750-ft with a lateral length of 9,664-ft. The wellbore penetrates the Mississippian formation with acidized and fractured perforations at 4,484-ft and 13,305-ft.

Calyx Energy’s MADISON 2-23-14CH is a horizontal well drilled to 13,392-ft, 3,750-ft true vertical. It flowed 17 bbl of oil and 3,426 MMcf of gas with perforations from 4,319-ft to 13,292-ft.

Carrizo uses resin, 100-mesh, and 40/70 on Thurmond A137 Wolfcamp well (2018-08-04)

A Delaware trend well was completed by Carrizo Oil and Gas in Reeves, Texas. The Permian super lateral well flowed 645 bbl of oil, 4,620 MMcf of gas, and 3,850 bbl of water per day at 10,188-ft and 19,947-ft. The THURMOND A137 ALLOC. A 10H was drilled to 9,640-ft with a lateral length of 10,420-ft.

The frac design used 0.8 pounds of proppant per gallon and 1,904 proppant per lateral foot. The company relied on Halliburton’s FightR  EC-1 friction reducer for the freshwater frac job in the Wolfcamp.

Devon Energy fracs 65 stages on 9,543 foot lateral (2018-07-24)

A completion was reported by Oklahoma City-based Devon Energy Corporation in the Anadarko basin.

The Bernhardt 8 was drilled to 9,528-ft with a horizontal lateral of 10,154-ft. A closed, oil-based pit and mud system, the pit is dug in the Chicksaw formation. Measuring at a depth of 19,933-ft with a deviation depth of 9,543-ft, the super lateral produces with perforations at 9,897-ft to 19,727-ft in the Mississippian and Woodford formations with a non-acidic, 65 stage fracture treatment.