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For a limited time only, sign up to receive two weeks’ complimentary DailyLogix email news stories (offshore rig review) from the RigLogix team. You can sign up here.

RigLogix is the leading solution for offshore energy professionals who need to be able to make business critical dynamic decisions based on dynamic data and insight, in a market that by its very nature is constantly on the move.

A core part of the RigLogix solution is the delivery of the very latest news, often acquired ahead of most other industry sources, to our subscribers. We do this through our near-daily, subscriber only rig news review service, DailyLogix.

Over the course of your trial you’ll receive eight emails and on each email, you can expect to read global and regional news and updates covering:

  • Trends & Indicators
  • Potential Contracts & Tenders
  • Drilling Activities
  • Shipyard News
  • Financing & Business News
  • Worldwide Rig Utilisation Tables
  • Premium Rig Utilisation Tables
  • Samples of Recent Contracts Awards

This offer closes on Sunday 14th November, 2021, 23:30 GMT.

We’ve extended the sign up period by a further 48-hours meaning you can still register to receive DailyLogix emails up to 23:59 on Tuesday 16th November

By signing up to complimentary access to DailyLogix (Offshore Rig Review), you agree to Westwood’s Terms & Conditions. Westwood reserves the right to refuse or cancel access to individuals or companies who do not qualify or who are in breach of Westwood’s Terms & Conditions

Complimentary access to DailyLogix emails is available to existing Westwood clients and for qualifying business types, including Westwood’s definition of; E&P companies, oilfield and energy services related companies, financial services*.

Access to DailyLogix does not include access to the RigLogix application. Email delivery only. DailyLogix email delivery also cover subsea equipment and offshore production facilities but are not included in this offer. For more information, contact our team.