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On behalf of a floating wind developer, Westwood provided an independent assessment of the Southern European offshore wind market to support an investment decision.

Project Brief

The Client requested an independent assessment of the Southern European offshore wind market with the analysis and insight used to support a potential investment decision.

Project specifics included a review and analysis of:

  • Country-specific factors including the ease of doing business in-market, relative to other select countries
  • National Offshore Energy and Offshore Wind Policy, including key changes to regulations and permitting milestones
  • Current and evolving route to market, covering leasing, support mechanisms and offtake dimensions
  • Existing offshore wind pipeline, dissecting by state of progress, developer mix, development solution etc.
  • Offshore wind supply chain, segmenting by key equipment and service provision
  • Key market risks, outlining critical points of failure as well as mitigants as appropriate

Westwood Approach

Westwood leveraged its deep domain knowledge of the offshore wind sector, particularly our understanding of the diverse (and evolving) policy and route to market across jurisdictions, enabling us to provide in-depth benchmarking and insight into potential shortfalls and risks of the target market in question.

Our offering is further strengthened by direct sourcing of data from our proprietary WindLogix market intelligence solution, allowing us to have full confidence in providing accurate data-backed insight across commercial and supply chain themes.

With extensive knowledge and tracking of the offshore wind sector, by a dedicated offshore wind team, we were able to provide:

  • An analysis of existing port infrastructure and likely suitability to proposed developments and floating wind technologies
  • A comparative benchmarking exercise covering National Offshore Wind Policy, development pipeline, supply chain deliverability and route to market aspects, culminating in a comprehensive risk-based assessment

We were also able to leverage our network to gather more insight into the ins and outs of the target market, whilst verifying our analysis and findings. In addition, data from Westwood’s PlatformLogix, helped identify any potential development and supply chain synergies.

Project Outcome

Westwood delivered a final report and presentation that enabled the Client to have a comprehensive review of the target market and more importantly, develop an awareness of key risks that they would potentially be exposed to, should they proceed with an investment.

The Client also appreciated the succinct packaging of key takeaways alongside Westwood’s risk assessment framework, which allowed for greater distribution and digestion by their respective internal stakeholders.