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DW Monday: Curiosity can do more than kill a cat

By April 10, 2017September 7th, 2022No Comments

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

Albert Einstein

We live in an age where information at your fingertips is expected, important and integral to the validation of rational business decisions.  Yet the success of any organisation in the future will be directly related to its ability to manipulate data and information in real-time, plus access insight and analysis.

Globalisation, the rapid pace of technological change, and the amount of information generated every second is enormous.  Complex environments are also richer in information and demand more rigorous analysis.  Information capital married with curiosity creates a competitive edge, and divides businesses into intellectual haves and have nots.

With this in mind, it’s an exciting time for Douglas-Westwood as we formally become part of the Westwood Global Energy Group.  Over the coming weeks DW Monday will be rebranded to Westwood Insight; offering actionable insight across both the E&P and Oilfield Services Sectors.  Most recently we were pleased to announce the acquisition of market research firm Energent Gourp Software LLC (EGS).  Energent’s powerful platform and rich information analytics paired with Westwood’s market forecasting provides a strong proposition, offering a best-in-class solution for customers.

Through independent research and industry expertise, the combined Westwood Global Energy Group offers research, analysis and consultancy for the global Oil & Gas industry with a focus on Market Intelligence and E&A benchmarking and insight.  Put simply, we help clients make informed commercial and strategic decisions through a combination of proprietary databases, analysis and insight.

However you define your data strategy, successful teams, individuals, businesses, government bodies and organisations all use timely and relevant data.  It’s also important to remember that curiosity is as vital as intelligence, so being able to articulate the application and interpretation of data is also crucial and this is where our specialist team of experts step in.  The Oil & Gas sector will remain an information driven industry, and like many information driven industries they require fuel to sustain growth and performance.  Withholding access to intelligence and data starves your business.

The new Westwood Global Energy Group brand unifies the activities of five respected companies under a single brand – namely Hannon Westwood, Novas Consulting, Richmond Energy Partners, Douglas Westwood and JSI Services.  The combined Group has more than 600 clients across the globe, including the world’s top 10 Oil & Gas companies, the top-10 Oilfield Services Companies, the top-10 Investment Banks and the top-10 Private Equity Firms.

The significantly greater scale will enable the Group to offer a seamless experience and global market analysis.  Most importantly, the individual databases will become one, providing integrated information and analysis from the E&P operators, through infrastructure providers to the supply chain.  We will be able to provide even greater depth of insight something which, we are passionate about.

Keith Myers
Westwood Global Energy Group


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