Energy Transition Insights – Offsets: why you should look but not touch

March saw Chevron Singapore Pte Ltd launching a carbon offset programme for its Singaporean Caltex brand. It’s a neat idea. Customers feeling queasy about their vehicle emissions can use their petrol pump loyalty points to offset their greenhouse gas footprints through investments in carbon reduction schemes approved by the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), an independent verification programme. Offset schemes such as this hold considerable promise for companies that cannot immediately switch to zero-carbon operations.

Energy Transition Insights – Europe’s need for gas may not be the opportunity you expect

Europe’s recently difficult relationship with Russia took a turn for the worse at the end of last month. Citing a failure to pay for supplies in roubles, Russian energy giant Gazprom halted all exports of gas to Poland and Bulgaria. That action, which the Financial Times described as part of the Putin administration’s “efforts to weaponise energy supplies over the invasion of Ukraine,” added urgency to Europe’s attempts to sever its dependence on Russian fossil fuels.

Energy Transition Insights – A more secure energy transition

The invasion of Ukraine has shocked the world and, with it, energy markets. Commodity prices have increased sharply, sending consumer prices to politically unpalatable levels. The conflict has also increased the debate around energy security, especially in Europe, where action against the Putin administration has been hobbled by the need to carry on importing Russian gas (and to a certain extent oil).