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Surge Energy, EOG Resources, and Antero well updates

By September 26, 2018September 7th, 2022No Comments

Surge Energy completes Spraberry well (2018-03-10)

Houston-based Surge Energy reported the completion of a horizontal well in the Spraberry Trend in Howard county, Texas.

The Permian well produced 24-hour IP rates of 194 bbl of oil, 347 MMcf of gas and 926 bbl of water along its 7,028 ft lateral for a gas-oil ratio of 1788. Drilled to 7,432 ft, the Clark Unit B 24-13 62SH is equipped with a downhole actuation sleeve with a PSIG of 8856.   

EOG Resources completes 2-mile lateral in DJ-Niobrara (2018-03-01)

EOG Resources has completed an extended-lateral well in the DJ-Niobrara in Laramie county, Wyoming.

The Jubilee 600-2425H was drilled to 8,585 ft with a lateral length of 10,188’. With biocide and chemicals supplied by Chemplex, the Jubilee flowed 934 bbl of oil and 523 MMcf of gas. At 30,635 boe per month, the well produces 3 boe a month per lateral foot.

Antero Resources stimulates 40 stages on 8,894 foot lateral (2018-07-17)

The Utica well was completed by Antero Resources in Noble, Ohio. The wellbore utilized 15% acidic fluid in two stimulations; the Dingus Unit 1H used 177,400 lbs of proppant from 15,975 ft to 177,400 ft in its first stimulation and 400,450 lbs of proppant from 8,138 ft to 8,307 ft in its second. It flowed 312 bbl of oil, 8,224 MMcf of gas and 672 bbl of water.

Roan Resources in Mississippian drills two pit systems (2018-08-10)

Roan Resources has completed a Cana Woodford well in Grady county, Oklahoma.

The WHB Cattle 33-10-6 3MH tested 663 bbl of oil and 4,448 MMcf of gas. The well was drilled to a depth of 10,606 ft with a lateral of 5,049 ft. Completed at 15,655 ft with perforations from 10,965 ft to 15,536 ft, the Anadarko well uses Halliburton provided proppant and Bosque provided biocide.

Anadarko Petroleum Reports 1,752 bbs of crude on new well (2018-08-07)

Woodlands, Texas-based Anadarko completed another Permian well in Ward county, Texas.

The extended lateral well produced 1,752 bbl of 48.6 degree-gravity crude, 2,520 MMcf of gas and 5,856 bbl of water for a gas-oil ratio of 1438 in production intervals from 11,635 ft to 20,762 ft. Anadarko reported a flowing tube pressure of 1372 PSI and choke size 48/61.