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Project Briefing

The Client was considering introducing a new technology to the market & required an independent assessment into the commercial feasibility of the system.

Specifically, the Client required an understanding of which sectors and regions could provide opportunities for the new technology, and if the scale of these opportunities would be sufficient to justify further investment.

Our Process

a) Understand the client business

  • Detailed dialogue with the Client to understand the capabilities and limitations of the proposed technology, and the perceived ability for the technology to fill gaps in the market
  • Understand the Client’s core market sectors, geographies, and proposed target customer groups
  • Understand the Client’s existing offering and the complementary / enhanced capabilities provided by the new technology
  • Understanding the proposed value proposition and competitive differentiation of the new technology

b) Understand the Client challenge, questions and problems to solve

  • The Client needed to better understand the market potential for its new technology to determine commercial viability
  • Specifically, the Client required an understanding of which end markets and geographies to prioritise, based on factors such as future customer demand, competition and regulatory support

c) Assess how we could help

Westwood proposed a bespoke study, underpinned by its proprietary global Drilling & Production, wellstock & onshore pipeline databases. The study considered:

  • The Client’s total market potential & addressable market for the proposed technology, including a view on which end markets and geographies offered the greatest opportunity,
  • An assessment of market attitudes towards the new technology and regulatory headwinds / enablers to adoption of the proposed technology,
  • A review of existing market offerings to identify possible gaps in the market and to establish displacement potential,
  • Potential routes to market.

Delivering Insight

A bottom-up market sizing study underpinned by Westwood’s Drilling & Production, wellstock and onshore pipeline databases, supported by targeted (confidential) industry consultations. This allowed the Client to get a granular understanding of the scale of potential opportunities by region and sector, and ultimately determine the commercial viability of the technology:

  • Bespoke market modelling to understand total market potential (number of opportunities and $mm value)
  • Quantification of the Client’s likely addressable portion of the total market potential
  • Industry consultations to test market opinions on the proposed technology and regulatory enablers / headwinds in each country
  • Ranking of opportunities by region and end market
  • Understanding of competitor technologies, and the likely ability for the Client’s technology to displace rivals and fill gaps in the market
  • Assessment of different route to market approaches (e.g. contracting directly with end users, or subcontracting to other OFS companies)  

Westwood’s analysis supported the Client’s internal decision making process, enabling an informed independent evaluation of the commercial viability of its new technology.