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The Assignment / Client’s Problem

  • Global review of coal, gas, nuclear and renewable power generation markets including in depth market forecasting and long-term regional outlooks
  • Identification of where the most attractive growth opportunities are on a component and regional basis – both in terms of synergies with existing portfolio and highest long-term margin potential
  • Acquisition scouting and analysis of core competitive dynamics

Westwood’s Approach & Analysis

  • Proprietary data  tracking  upcoming  greenfield and expansion  projects  on a global basis, supplemented by public data relating to nuclear facilities
  • Bespoke market sizing for each major forged component within the power generation sector, including expenditure forecast
  • In depth analysis of the key market drivers, including anticipated expenditure on coal-fired, gas-fired, nuclear and wind facilities
  • Competitive analysis on a global basis, highlighting recent M&A activity and any strategic relationships between forgers and major clients
  • Industry consultation exercise including 30+ interviews with selected market participants

The Outcome & Benefit

  • Clear identification and ranking of the most suitable forged product market entry opportunities
  • Detailed explanation of key competitors in the sector, their customers, strengths, weaknesses and equipment capacity / focus
  • Robust quantification of market size, benchmarking short and medium-term opportunities within the power sector
  • Gas-fired and renewable power offer a range of opportunities for technically capable forge masters. Expenditure in these segments is expected to grow at a higher rate than the wider power sector.