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The Challenge

The Client had the need to identify upcoming contracting opportunities within various regions to facilitate early interaction with their potential clients. The earlier a prospect is identified, the more likely a successful outcome for the Client.

The Client typically received this type of data through their customer relationships, however, this was not a complete view of the global market and often missed key projects outside their usual client base or regions.

In addition to this, the Client needed a way to identify regional hotspots which would serve to drive their business strategy over the longer term.

Our Process

a) Understand the Client business

  • Who target prospects were and their addressable market
  • At what stage they would need to engage
  • Importance to the overall business
  • Understanding of niche company needs

b) Understand the Client challenge, questions and problems to solve

  • Easy, fast access to data and data tools
  • Limited in-house analyst resource
  • Need for data that could help support the sales team when proactively pursuing leads

c) Assess how we could help

  • Review requirements and assess existing solutions for matches
  • Clear communications with Client to continue to detail specific requirements beyond overall goal
  • Commercial boundaries
  • Provided immediate communications with our analyst team

Delivering Insight

Following our process of understanding the challenge the Client faced, the ultimate end use and application, PlatformLogix was the chose solution, which enabled the Client to:

  • Build reports that allow for opportunity identification specific to the business
  • This enables quick identification of who has upcoming field FIDs and the contract aware timelines surrounding those projects
  • Delivery of a quarterly report and customized presentation to help clients understand market sentiments and overall macro drivers for the global offshore industry
  • Round the clock support from Westwood’s offshore analyst team

As a result of PlatformLogix the Client is now able to quickly generate lead lists for their sales team, which has quickly expanded their opportunity pipeline and increases the likelihood of successful results through early interaction. 

PlatformLogix has enabled the Client to be incredibly well informed, which in turn translates into impressive presentations to their internal management. This in turn has led to a more efficient and reliable approach to their budget allocation processes