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Growing Onshore Pipeline Construction Demand 2013-2017

By February 14, 2013September 7th, 2022No Comments

Growing Onshore Pipeline Construction Demand 2013-2017

Over the past decade, persistent increase in energy demand coupled with strong development in the production of unconventional gas and LNG has set solid grounds for growth in the onshore pipeline sector. The next five years will see the realisation of a considerable number of ambitious inter-regional projects.

Report author, Trang Nguyen, commented, “Global expenditure is expected to reach $216 billion over the next five years, increasing by 12% compared to the previous five year period with 270 thousand kilometres of pipelines to be installed. Major investment will be in pipe construction services (47%) and line pipe (27%).

“Increasing gasification is shaping the long term demand for pipelines. Within the context of an anticipated 35% increase in global energy demand over the next twenty years, natural gas is expected to account for 26% of total energy consumption by 2030. This growing demand is also driving an increase in larger diameter pipelines.

“Investment in new infrastructure to support LNG and unconventional gas developments will be a major factor shaping future demand. Outside the major oil province of the Middle East, gas-related lines accounted for 67% of kilometres installed over the past five years with this figure expected to increase over the 2013-2017 period.”

Co-author, Amanda Tay, concluded, “Increased investment in shale gas and oil will drive additional requirements for midstream line pipes in the US and surging Asian energy demand is changing traditional supply flows. Asia will overtake North America as the largest market for onshore pipelines as the region looks to increase imports of oil and gas from neighbouring regions. Rapid demand growth in Asia is also providing new markets for Russian oil and gas and with traditional importers in the west expected to curb their energy demand, major new interregional projects may be realised during the forecast period; such as the pipeline planned to connect Russia to South Korea.”

Growing Onshore Pipeline Construction Demand 2013-2017