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  • Latest data from Westwood Global Energy Group (WGEG) predicts recovery in some Oil Field Services (OFS) markets, whilst others will remain sluggish
  • Recovery expected in onshore drilling and the Maintenance, Modifications and Operations (MMO) market
  • Oilfield equipment will continue to see challenging conditions, primarily because of an oversupply of equipment
  • With a greater focus on niche OFS markets, WGEG’s Sectors analytics tool now gives access to trends and predictions in over 100 sub sectors.

(Aberdeen, UK) – 18 May 2017 – The latest data from Westwood Global Energy Group (WGEG), the energy market research consultancy, predicts that North America will lead a recovery in onshore drilling over the next few years. In particular, it expects strong growth for drilling and well services expenditure to 2023, with a cumulative total of $1.6tn to be spent – 76 per cent of it onshore.

Oilfield equipment, on the other hand, is expected to see stagnation in terms of dollar demand through to early next decade before signs of a recovery emerge. This is due primarily to the marked oversupply of equipment. Most critically, the newbuild offshore rig market (comprising jackups, semisubs, and drillships) is expected to continue to decline from a peak of $24bn in 2013 to just $4.2bn by 2023.

In terms of growth rates, offshore MMO looks to be the most promising sector, with a substantial and sustained recovery in expenditure likely to be seen through to 2023.

The latest data comes from Sectors, WGEG’s powerful online analytics tool, which enables OFS companies and operators as well as financial advisory firms, to review market potential and future hotspots of multiple service and equipment lines, plus drilling and production activity.
Westwood has responded to a demand for information on niche markets by introducing data on 103 specific service and equipment markets – covering Capex and Opex – totaling over $8tn of spend across 2005-2023.

Alongside the existing production and drilling data, Sectors now covers 2,792 fields accounting for 197bn barrels of future production, $2.9tn of forecast expenditure and $5.5tn of historic expenditure.

Gareth Hector, Head of Sales and Marketing, Global Oilfield Services at Westwood Global Energy Group, explains: “The size and intricacy of companies operating within the oil and gas sector is changing. Thanks to recent and likely future M&A activity, OFS companies are now operating across a myriad of different sectors. Meanwhile, the second and third tier players are focusing more and more on niche markets.

“Sectors is the only online tool that gives them accurate intelligence on drilling, production and cost across all of these markets, enabling them to forecast accurately and make strategic decisions based on the very latest insight.”