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Delaware, Eagle Ford, Bakken, and SCOOP new well highlights

By August 29, 2018September 7th, 2022No Comments

Tidal Petroleum uses 7.5 million pounds of frac sand and 2459 bbls HCL acid (2018-08-13)

An Eagle Ford well was completed by Tidal Petroleum in Karnes, Texas. The Moy South 1H produced 24-hour IP rates of 2644 bbl of oil, 1,584 MMcf of gas, and 216 bbl of water along the 3,546 lateral. Enterprise Products is the gatherer for crude, condensate, and gas for the pad. Tidal Petroleum reported flowing tubing pressures of 4900 PSI and a 22/64 choke size.

Discovery Natural completes 3-mile lateral in Permian (2018-08-02)

Discovery Natural Resources has completed an extended-lateral Spraberry well in Reagan county, Texas.

The Divide Draw Y 1624 AN was drilled to 7,060 ft with a lateral length of 15,915 ft, measuring at a depth of 22,975 ft. Liberty provided the hydraulic horsepower for the Spraberry well that flowed 318 bbl of 39.4 degree-gravity crude and 335 MMcf of gas for a gas-oil ratio of 1053.  Discovery Natural reported a max pressure of 200 PSI with an unknown choke size in production intervals from 8,060 ft to 22,911 ft.

Chesapeake flows 34,320 MMcf well in Haynesville (2018-08-20)

A new gas well, the Sibley 4&9-15-14 HC 001-ALT was completed by Chesapeake Operating in the Haynesville basin in Louisiana’s De Soto parish.

Drilled to 11,642 ft with a horizontal lateral length of 10,408 ft, the Sibley flowed 34,320 MMcf of gas with pressure pumping provided by FTSI. Completion fluids were provided by BHI and Aegis provided scale inhibitors. Perforated from 22,040 ft to 12,125 ft, the well produced 720 bbl of water per day with a casing pressure of 7590 and choke size 32/64.

Cimarex uses 21 million pounds of frac sand, 2248 pounds per lateral foot (2018-07-28)

A completion was reported by Colorado based Cimarex Energy Co. in the Anadarko basin in Kingfisher county, Oklahoma.

A SCOOP/STACK well, the Steveo Bia 6H-3625X flowed 457 bbl oil and 804 MMcf gas, producing 1.89 boe monthly per lateral foot. Non-acidic stimulations were performed in perforations between 8,495 ft and 18,640 ft with HAL provided proppant and buffering agents. The company drilled to 9,325 ft with a lateral length of 9,340 ft.

Hess completes another 2-mile lateral in Bakken (2018-08-10)

Houston based E&P company Hess Corporation has completed another horizontal well in Williams county, North Dakota.

The SC-GENE-154-98-0805H-3 was tested flowing 1,268 bbl oil, 2,390 MMcf of gas and 1,956 bbl of water. The Bakken well was drilled to a vertical depth of 11,302 ft with a measured depth of 21,607 ft. At 10,751 ft, the lateral starts 710 S 522 E from the wellhead and ends 9706 N 556 E from the wellhead. Service company Keane provides the pressure pumping and propping agents.