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New well highlights from Permian, Williston, Eagle Ford, and Haynesville

By May 1, 2019September 7th, 2022No Comments

Shell completes 2 mile lateral in Permian (2019-01-31)

Shell reported the completion of a new well on an 855 acre lease in Loving county, Texas.

The Medora 29 LOV Unit 0805 1H was drilled to a vertical depth of 11,849 ft and a measured depth of 22,664 ft. It flowed 1,670 bbl of oil and 2,336 MMcf of gas over a 24 hour period  for a gas-oil ratio of 1398 February 7. Hydraulic fracturing and proppant is supplied by Keane with FTSI provided acid.

Source: Energent Group
Source: Energent Group

Equinor Energy in Williston (2019-01-29)

A new Williston well was completed in Williams county, North Dakota by Equinor Energy.

Drilled 117 N 1789 W from its well head with a vertical depth of 10,795 ft and a 10,554 ft lateral, the SJOL 5-8F #3TFH tested January 30 for 1,693 bbl of oil, 1,363 MMcf of gas, and 5,246 bbl of water. The lateral is perforated from 11,307 ft to 20,892 ft. Halliburton provided pressure pumping, proppant and other agents.

Kraken Operating completes multiple 60 stage wells in Williston (2019-01-24) and (2019-02-01)

The Pocasset LW 32-29 #1H was drilled to a measured depth of 21,210 ft and perforated from 10,983 to 21,138 ft. It flowed 1,105 bbl of oil, 1,156 MMcf of gas, and 2,135 on its January 27 test date.  The 32-29 #1H was stimulated November 12 with a max PSI of 9,143 and a max rate of 83.1.

The Pocasset 32-29 #6TFH produced 892 bbl of oil, 759 MMcf of gas, and 2,825 bbl of water February 5. It was stimulated November 28 with a max PSI of 9,317 and a max rate of 87.7.

The Pocasset 32-29 #7H was drilled to a measured depth of 21,221 ft and produced 1,183 bbl of oil, 502 MMcf of gas, and 2,264 bbl of water. Kraken reported a stimulation November 27 with a max PSI of 9,497 and a max rate of 89.6.

Endeavor Energy in Permian (2019-02-01)

Endeavor Energy reported the completion with a 2 mile lateral in the Permian’s Spraberry and Wolfcamp trend in Midland, Texas. It is the first well on an 829 acre lease.

The WTH 10-3 A produced 714 bbl of oil, 649 MMcf of gas, and 639 bbl of water from 8,078 ft to 19,386 ft. Endeavor drilled the WTH to a vertical depth of 8,746 ft and a lateral length of 10,766 ft and flowing tubing pressure of 240 PSI with a 96 choke size.

Petroquest in Haynesville (2019-01-27)

Wiener CV PSA 2H was completed in Panola county, Texas. A new Haynesville well, the Wiener produced 10,000 MMcf of gas. With a gravity (dry gas) of 0.654 and liquid hydrocarbons gravity of 52.3, it had a gas-lquid hydro ratio of 232,558 CF/bbl. It was drilled to a vertical depth of 9,862 and a measured depth of 15,660 ft.

Crawley Petroleum in Granite Wash (2019-01-28)

Crawley completed a new well near the Texas panhandle in Roger Mills, Oklahoma.

The Moore 4-14H is an expired well in the upper Cherokee. It produced 19 bbl of oil and 3,120 MMcf of gas. It was drilled to a measured depth of 17,383 ft with a 4,383 ft lateral. Fracture treatment included 45,000 gallons of 15% HCL and 7,033,860 pounds of proppant. Halliburton provided all proppant and pressure pumping.

EOG in Permian (2019-02-11) and (2019-02-17)

EOG reported the completion of two new wells in the Hobbs district in Lea, New Mexico.

The Funky Monks 8 Federal Com #602H is an active horizontal well drilled to a vertical depth of 11,516 ft with a 25 stage 7,406 ft lateral length. It flowed with 24-hour IP rates of 1,172 bbl of oil, 1,344 MMcf of gas, and 4,200 bbl of water under a flowing casing pressure of 391 psi.

Stonewall 28 Federal Com #302H produced 2,733 bbl of oil, 4,196 MMcf of gas, and 7,297 bbl of water in the bone spring pool for a gas-oil ratio of 1,535 Kcf/bbl. EOG drilled the Stonewall to a measured depth of 20,310 ft with a lateral length of 9,990 ft.

Petro Hunt completes 33 stage 2-mile lateral in Williston (2019-02-14)

Petro Hunt completed new Bakken well Hank Katie 15-20HN, which produced 179 bbl of oil, 179 MMcf of gas, and 827 bbl of water. Petro Hunt stated the well to have a vertical depth of 8,202 ft and a measured depth of 17,967 ft. Hydraulic fracturing services, proppant and non-emulsifying agents are Schlumberger supplied.

EOG Resources in Eagle Ford (2019-02-08)

EOG Resources drilled and completed new oil well Peeler Ranch 13H on a 10 well pad in Atacosa county, Texas.

Peeler Ranch 13H is a horizontal H2S well producing 63,750 estimated boe per month. Drilled to a measured depth of 18,633 with an 8,669 ft lateral, it produces 7.35 boe per lateral foot monthly. It flowed 2,056 bbl of oil and 414 MMcf of gas over 24 hours for a gas-oil ratio of 201.

Marathon in Williston (2019-02-10)

A completion was reported by Marathon in the Bakken in Mountrail, North Dakota.

The Big Head USA 41-2TFH produced 1,969 bbl of oil, 1,717 MMcf of gas, and 3,324 bbl of water for a monthly production of 67,655 boe. Marathon drilled Big Head to a measured depth of 20,851 ft with a 37 stage lateral. Service company Calfrac supplied proppant and microbiocides.

Sabine Oil & Gas complete two 2-mile laterals in Haynesville (2019-02-6)

Sabine Oil & Gas reported new wells Jester Gas Units 1H and 2H were completed February 6 on an 805 acre lease in Panola county, Texas. Proppant, friction reducers, and pressure pumping are Profrac provided.

Jester Gas Unit 1H was drilled to a vertical depth of 11,053 ft with a 10,007 ft lateral. It bore 26,494 MMcf of gas and 533 bbl of water with a dry gas gravity of 0.583 and 30/64 choke size. The Jester Gas Unit 2H was drilled to a vertical depth of 11,130 ft and a measured depth of 22,600 ft. Unit 2H produced 23,180 MMcf of gas and 623 bbl of water with a 28/64 choke size.

COG Production in Permian (2019-03-14)

COG reported the completion of a new Permian well in Lea county, New Mexico.

The Eider Federal #103H produced 1,121 bbl of oil, 3,108 MMcf of gas and 977 bbl of water for a monthly production of 49,170 boe. The Eider was drilled to a vertical depth of 9,220 ft with a 7,659 ft lateral. It tested with a flowing tubing pressure of 4000 psi and 0.420 inch choke size.

Roan Resources completes two 2-mile laterals in Woodford (2019-03-15)

Roan Resources completed two wells in the Cana Woodford in Canadian, Oklahoma. Proppant and pressure pumping was supplied by Halliburton.

The Barbaro 5-32-29-10-5 1WXH was drilled to a vertical depth of 8,579 ft. Its 13,845 ft lateral is perforated from 9,290 ft to 22,266 ft. It tested for a 24 hour production of 497 bbl of oil and 581 MMcf of gas.

The Barbaro 5-32-29-10-5 2WXH produced 233 bbl of oil and 738 MMcf of gas. Perforated at 9,565 ft and 22,546 ft along its 14,122 ft lateral, the 2WXH was drilled to a measured depth of 22,055 ft.

Lewis Energy Group completes two gas wells in Eagle Ford (2019-03-16)

Privately held E&P company Lewis Energy Group completed two new gas wells in Webb county Texas.

Tested March 28, the Owen-Briscoe-Manry GU I 50H was drilled to a vertical depth of 10,898 ft with a measured depth of 19,425 ft on a 160 acre lease. 24-hour IP rates tested at 7,638 MMcf of gas and 835 bbl of water, producing 4.47 boe monthly per lateral foot.

Owen-Briscoe Manry GU K 52H was also completed on an 160 acre lease and produced 11,171 MMcf of gas and 981 bbl of water from 10,821 ft to 19,106 ft. Lewis Energy Group reported the use of a 2 inch choke size and 3.068 line size. The Owen-Briscoe Manry GU K 52H was drilled to a vertical depth of 10,866 ft with an 8,429 ft lateral.

EQT Production in Marcellus (2019-03-18)

A new gas well was completed by EQT in Green county, Pennsylvania.

The Carpenter 591359 is a 90 stage well drilled to a measured depth of 24,370 ft with a 16,550 ft lateral. It produced 4,150 MMcf of gas on March 25. Perforations run 6,267 ft to 8,105 ft. Hydraulic fracturing, acidic agents, and base fluids were provided by Profrac. Vendors for directional and casing were Baker Hughes and Miller Supply.

Sheridan Production Company in Haynesville (2019-03-18)

Sheridan Production completed vertical well Dunlap Unit q T in Panola, Texas.  It produced 8 bbl of oil, 1,643 MMcf of gas, and 23 bbl of water from 6,382 ft to 6,413 ft with a 1.25 inch choke size on March 6. The Dunlap Unit 1 T was drilled to a depth of 9,700 ft and is primarily a gas well.