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Well highlights from Haynesville, Marcellus, & Williston

By January 31, 2019September 7th, 2022No Comments

Slawson Exploration completes multiple 2 mile laterals in Williston (2018-12-25, 2018-12-26, 2018-12-27)

Three wells were completed in late 2018 by subsidiary Slawson Exploration Company in Mountrail County, North Dakota. They are among the top five performing Slawson wells in a five mile radius in 2018. Production data is limited in this case since the three wells were completed in December. However, based on initial production the Torpedo Federal 6H, 7H, and 8H are among the company’s top performing new wells in 2018.

Source: Energent Group

The Torpedo Federal 6h was completed December 25 with a vertical depth of 9,875 ft and a measured depth of 21,491 ft. The 12,187 ft lateral starts 499 S 380 W from the wellhead. The well produced 3,205 bbl of oil, 2,112 MMcf of gas and 3,362 bbl of water during the initial well test. Calfrac supplied the frac horsepower, proppant, and the chemicals for the Slawson frac job.

The Torpedo Federal 7H, completed December 27, produced initial production rates of 3,632 bbl of oil, 2,070 MMcf of gas and 3,160 bbl of water. It was drilled to a vertical depth of 9,898 ft and a lateral length of 16,214 ft.  Perforations were drilled from 10,334 ft to 25,364 ft.

Completed December 26, the Torpedo Federal 8H flowed 2,942 bbl of oil and 1,264 MMcf of gas. The lateral starts 1017 S 326 W from the wellhead and ends 16211 S 2672 W. It was drilled to a measured depth of 25,295 ft with a 15,920 ft lateral length.

Valence Operating Company in Haynesville (2019-01-04)

A Haynesville well was completed by Valence Operating Company in Harrison county, Texas.

The Garret Heirs-Garrett E 1H produced 11 bbl of oil, 3,050 MMcf of gas and 2,165 bbl of water. It was drilled to a vertical depth of 9,711 ft with a lateral length of 6,849 ft with three production intervals from 10,108 ft to 16,450 ft.

Chesapeake Energy in Marcellus (2018-12-27)

Chesapeake Energy completed a gas well in the Marcellus in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

The Lines 4H well was drilled to a vertical depth of 7,508 ft. Its 55 stage 7,109 ft lateral was perforated from 7,948 ft to 14,485 ft and produced 19,642 MMcf of gas. The company used 13 million pounds of Northern White frac sand for the Marcellus well. Chesapeake used a diverse set of oilfield service companies on this well, including Patterson-UTI for drilling, Pipeco Services for casing, BJ Services for frac, Halliburton for cementing, Nine Energy for perforation, and Falcon Flowback for flowback.

EQT drills 84 stage lateral in Marcellus (2018-12-29)

A natural gas well completion was reported by Pittsburgh based EQT in Greene, Pennsylvania.

The Shipman Way90H15 produced 24,874 MMcf of gas on its January 7 test date. It was drilled to a measured depth of 23,721 with an 84 stage 15,780 ft lateral length and perforations from 8,724 ft to 23,482 ft. The EQT used Patterson-UTI (Universal) as its pressure pumper on Shipman Way90H15 with Halliburton providing bacterial treatment and friction reducers.